Monday, June 30, 2008

Our weekend

Nicholas's room is still a work in progress but we are putting in the finishing touches. He got a new chair with his name on it (yes, the famous Pottery Barn kids' chair!). To decorate the wall over the desk, I knew he would love if we spelled his name on the wall with letters. Nicholas helped Daddy paint the letters blue. Here they are at work, and the video is pretty funny! I will soon publish the finished room along with the nursery (which didn't need much work, but it is still such a happy room to see!)

Along with work on the room, it was a happy day on our block on Saturday. Mr. Adam, our next door neighbor and Bryce's daddy, came home from his six-month deployment on a Navy sub. We have never seen a Navy daddy come home before, and it was quite special. They decorated their house and all had special shirts. It was pretty cool! We are glad to have you home Mr. Adam!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Summer Fun

Summer has been full of good things to eat and time with our friends. Here are some of Mommy's favorite pictures.

Nicholas's first time eating corn on the cob (and us not cutting it off for him!)

This is good guys!

Nicholas's two favorite treats in one- ice cream and M&M!

Fingerpainting is fun!

Cole and Nicholas checking out a spider on Cole's slide
(Nicholas looks a little weary doesn't he?; Cole looks quite comfortable!!)

I'm coming down next Cole!

Nicholas and big brother Cole holding baby Luke.

Nicholas's first time holding a baby.
Thanks for letting me give it a shot baby Luke!
I'm ready for my brother now!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

A New Room

We have been hard at work cleaning out our guest room to become Nicholas's new bedroom. We were going to go and buy all new furniture. Then we realized we are only here for another year, so why go through all of that? We also love our office desk and wanted to keep that in his room, and with new furniture, it wouldn't fit. So we RECYCLED what we had, and I think we did a darn good job! Nicholas loves it (as you can tell from his face!). Matt put the crib back up in the nursery today. I cried. I can't believe it is almost here and that Nicholas won't be my only buddy anymore. Damn these pregnancy hormones! Hope you are all doing well!

Nicholas's bed is a fire engine and he loves "Cars"!
I love the light blue!

The new bookshelf to hold Nicholas's books!
You should see the full bookshelf for the baby!
This family loves books!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Nicholas's (or Marilyn Manson's) ABC's

Nicholas finally sang his ABC's for the camera. He has been singing them for a year now, but Mommy has never gotten him in the action. However, he starts to get silly at the end, and the singing then turns into Marilyn Manson like vocals. So enjoy his version, and think of me in a couple of years when I get calls from his teacher about her latest "class clown."

As for a baby update, I am now measuring right on target. I am 31 weeks along. Nicholas was born at 34 weeks, so please pray for me and the baby over the next couple of weeks. I have only gained 15 pounds according to my doctor (I think that is attributed to having a very active 3-year old). I am feeling good, minus not sleeping and the terrible heartburn I am having. Thank God I can take Pepcid AC! The baby's name has been discussed, but we aren't giving out any hints. It will be traditional and upstanding like his big brother's. Needless to say, we thank you for always thinking of us and love all of you!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Father's Day Tribute

My husband knew he was going to look tired in the pictures we took on Father's Day morning. After all, we had spent the previous day cleaning out and fixing up the guest bedroom to make it into Nicholas's room; after the cleaning, he spent naptime painting the bedroom. After naptime, he took Nicholas to the pool. If he didn't look tired in these pictures, I would be worried. But I am posting these "tired" pictures, because it was Father's Day. We celebrated early because Nicholas couldn't wait to help Daddy open his presents. Matt didn't seem to mind too much.

So, here's to my husband- for always looking and being so very tired because you love us so damn much. May God bless you always and may you know how much we love you for being such a good daddy.

I made this card for you Daddy.

Here's my story about us!

No Father's Day is complete without the "#1 Daddy" certificate.

Nicholas's artwork created especially for Daddy.

Nicholas and Daddy with his new personalized Seahawks jersey.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Bowling for Tots

Bowling with three year olds?? I knew there would be bumpers, but I was wondering how our little guys were supposed to get their balls down the lane. Well, they make it very easy-- A cool ramp made just for kids! Bowling was the most fun I had ever seen. And for the kid who loves numbers, you can just imagine how excited Nicholas was with the scoreboard. Cole and Nicholas did a great job taking turns (with our help of course), and baby Luke was content in his snug little world. If you haven't gone bowling with your toddler, I suggest it as a must for this summer! Make sure you catch the video at the end!

This kid is great at taking pictures lately!

Action shot!

This ball is only 6 pounds, hand me the heavy one!

Cole holding on for a strike!

Baby Luke as happy as can be!

The two crazy boys!

Nick's spare!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Weekend with the Family

We spent our final weekend in Florida with my family-- my mom, Annie, and Rob came up to celebrate Nicholas's birthday and enjoy some time together. It was really nice. SeaWorld was the perfect place to take Nicholas. He loved it. We all had fun. Enjoy the pictures. Our trips are over and we are now home until baby comes in August (maybe July if he follows in his brother's footsteps!!) Love you all!

Scrabble Jr. was a big hit for the kid who loves his letters!

You know the way to my heart Aunt Annie- LETTERS!

Nicholas looks like the comedian of the bunch.

I hope everyone can see the family resemblance!
(Thanks Mom for bringing the plumerias for me to smell again!)

Getting ready to take on SeaWorld with my favorite aunt and uncle!

Cheesing with GaGa.

Cooling off with Daddy!

Nicholas watching Shamu

There is the big whale himself!

The Budweiser Clydesdale

Thanks for the fish to feed the sharks Uncle Rob.

"How old is the dolphin Aunt Annie?"

That's a big one!

Resting with Uncle Rob after a hard day's work.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Dinner with Mickey

Nicholas has no interest in going on rides at amusement parks, so I couldn't think of a better way to meet his favorite Disney pals than having dinner with them. For a pregnant mommy, A/C and food sounded much better than chasing them around the Magic Kingdom in the heat! So along with our godson Chris and his family, we celebrated Nicholas's birthday with Mickey and the gang. Here are the pics. It was too cute watching his face when he saw them in person for the first time.

Mommy and Nick waiting for Mickey.

Get over here Mickey, I need to hug you!

Nicholas and his buddy Mickey.

The Fines and Mickey!

Goofy is so silly!

I love you Goofy!

Pluto is great!

Donald's hug (everyone got one!)

Nick and Donald

Minnie seemed to get the biggest hug.

She kissed me on my head! Move over Mickey!

Nick's birthday cupcake!

The boys and their pal.