Sunday, March 30, 2008

Baby #2 Update

Lots of updates have been given about our #1 baby, Nicholas, but I am not sure that we have posted any big news about baby #2. This is my 19 week picture. We saw the dr. on Friday. I lost weight last month (God knows how) and only gained 2 pounds back-- I have not even hit my starting weight yet. I know it doesn't look it. I feel huge. I was not this big with Nicholas at this point. I have been feeling pretty good lately and the baby seems to be measuring right on track. We are due August 25th. We have two weeks more to wait until the appt. for my ultrasound on April 14th. We will find out if Nicholas is going to have a baby brother or baby sister...
then he won't have to say "How am I supposed to know?" any longer (see that post below if you haven't read it.)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Nicholas's Fire Station Tour

The MOMS Club hosted an outing to the fire station right by our house. Since we pass by it everyday, Nicholas was really excited to get to go inside and meet the firefighters and see the big fire trucks. What I didn't realize was that he was going to be so interested in what Firefighter Chuck had to say about his job. Looks like Nicholas might be a fireman in the making!

Thanks GaGa Fine for the perfect shirt to wear to the firehouse!

Look at all these trucks Mommy!

Listening intently to Firefighter Chuck

Nicholas with kids that are at least 1-2 years older than him--does he look it?

Let me on Mom, I can take these fires!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Day

So after Nicholas's injury at Lowe's on Saturday, we were hoping for a relaxing Easter Sunday. Nicholas woke up at 7 AM, quite early after not getting to sleep on time (he had a late nap due to his injury and being at the ER ). He was also very excited about the Easter Bunny coming. He got lots in his basket-- bubbles, a puzzle, chalk, and a kite, along with lots of candy (but he was only allowed a couple of pieces- the rest went in the closet!!) The Easter Bunny also hid lots of eggs for him to find. Aunt Annie bought him the They Might Be Giants DVD called "Here Come the 1-2-3's," because he is really into anything numbers and letters right now. He had to watch that right away. (Anyone with kids- you need this video and the A-B-C one. It is awesome and has great music.)

Inspecting his goodies.

Found one!

Eating one of his chocolate bunnies and saying "cheese" at the same time.

Chilling out with "They Might Be Giants."

Then it was off to church. And because it was a holiday, the nursery play area was not open for Nicholas to attend. So that meant bringing him to Mass with us. Nicholas was a bit cranky from the excitement and loss of sleep the day before, and it was quite the challenge for us trying to keep him quiet and still for over an hour. Then off to lunch we went. He wasn't happy at lunch either. Then he didn't nap. It was the crankiest day of Nicholas's life, although these pictures won't show it. I have learned that kids are not cranky until the day following an event. And stay out of their way, because when it hits, God help you.

Off to church (or is he going to Yale with that vest on??)

Saying "Happy Easter" to the baby.

To end the night, I was in the kitchen cleaning up not for more than 3 minutes while Nicholas was again watching his number video. I came in to check on him and this is what I found:

He has never fallen asleep on the couch or even in his highchair, even as a baby. Looks like Nicholas had enough, huh? HAPPY EASTER!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

That Fateful Saturday at Lowe's...

Easter Weekend started off just "fine" for the Fine Household. We went to the park and enjoyed the nice weather before the cold settled in. Mommy even got a chai tea and sat on the park bench and watched her boys play. On the way home, Daddy wanted to stop at Lowe's for a few things. While Daddy went to check out, Mommy and Nick went to the "tractors" to ride on them (they are really just the big ride-on lawn mowers but Nicholas loves to pretend they are tractors). As he was getting up to ride on one, he accidently put his finger in the fan grate on the front, and before I could tell him to wait for Mommy to help him, he pulled his finger out. Blood everywhere, torn finger, get to the restroom, page Daddy for help, go to ER. Nicholas got his first dose of Tylenol with Codeine (lucky fella!-- Mommy could have used something at this point too), and then it was time for stitches. He had been very good up until this point telling us the numbers on the clock and reading all the letters and words around his room. He even told the doctor and nurse that "Chicks dig scars" (this is something Daddy taught him to say after he would get a scrape outside). Daddy then helped to hold him down while the doctor numbed the area (this hurt him like hell), while Mommy sang ridiculous songs to get us through. He has three stitches and a splint to hold his finger straight. That was our Easter Saturday. He did really well and we were very proud of him! Mommy remembered we had Easter eggs to color so we did get to that after dinner. Here are our pictures! More to follow....

Here is my splint!

Carrots for the Easter Bunny!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

"How Am I Supposed to Know?"

Nicholas and I were eating breakfast this morning. He wanted to say "Good Morning" to the baby so I told him to come over and say it. He said it, kissed my belly, and then continued to eat his breakfast. We talked about the baby for a few minutes. I asked him if the baby was a boy or a girl baby. He said "It's a baby." I said, "I know it's a baby, but is it a boy baby like you or a girl baby like Page? (a friend of his)" He looked at me kind of funny and proceeded to say "How am I supposed to know?"

I agree, so why do we keep asking him? How is he supposed to know?? We should find out the definite answer in a couple of weeks!

Happy Easter!

Friday, March 21, 2008

A Late Guinness....

St. Patrick's Day came and went. Mommy is very sick with a terrible cold and hasn't had a minute to post. But we figured we better get these online before Easter comes this Sunday when there is sure to be some great pictures and video for you.

Mommy was at an appointment on St. Patrick's Day and this is what she came home to:

Apparently, Daddy had some father-son time teaching his son about the value of a good Irish beer.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, when the winds were gusting to 50 mph, the MOMS Club hosted their Easter Egg Hunt. We already had our BPL one, so Nicholas was a definite pro (although the blustery conditions forced preggo Mommy to keep picking up the eggs that were blowing out of his basket.) It was an interesting hunt, but at least we got some pictures.

A cool blow-up Easter egg ball Nicholas just loves!

We wish you a wonderful and blessed Easter. Will post again soon! Love you all.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Easter Eggstravaganza

This past Saturday, the Suffolk Parks Department, hosted their annual Easter Eggstravaganza. The park is less than a mile from our house, so we were there right at the start to enjoy the festivities. Nicholas met the Easter Bunny while looking at a fire truck, and for some reason, he even sat with the Easter Bunny for his picture (unlike Santa, who he won't even go near!!) He enjoyed playing and having fun. Mommy was ready for a nap!

Well hello Mr. Bunny!

I love to crawl through these blow ups!

Is there candy in here?
Yep, here it is!

Mommy wanted it, I swear!


Our 2008 Easter Photo!

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Here are some pictures from just hanging around the house. The electric went out last weekend so we had to watch our evening shows on the portable DVD player. Nick loves to chill with his daddy, and we sometimes eat our afternoon snack outside in the afternoon. Isn't he looking like a little boy now or what?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

BPL Easter Egg Hunt

Yes, my feet are as big as they look!

We always host an Easter Egg Hunt for our block- this year, it was quite cold! But, the kids had a blast. Nicholas was OBSESSED with his eggs and his candy. We could not get him away from it. I think he is going to love Easter morning this year more than last.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Nick's First 3rd Birthday Party

Nicholas got to attend his first 3rd birthday party on Saturday. His best buddy and neighbor, Bryce, had his party at Color Me Mine, a pottery painting studio. It was Nicholas's first experience with this kind of art project, so he picked a mug to paint for Daddy (of course). As you can see, he first got frustrated but eventually just had fun painting away! He got to sit next to the birthday boy as he blew out his candles, and Nicholas enjoyed his blue cupcake tremendously (we are not sure why he was eating it with no hands and just his face, but it was funny!). What a day! Hope you adjusted to the time change as well as Nicholas!!

Nicholas and Bryce

Getting frustrated waiting to start

Picasso beginning his project.

Daddy helping to finish.

No hands!

Cake and paint all over!