Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Nicholas is 7!

Our Nicholas is 7 years old. It seems like such a difference occurs between the ages of 5 and 7.  When I turn around to find him behind me, I am looking for someone else.  I am looking for a small boy looking for his mom.  Instead, I find a boy who is independent, tall, handsome, and so very smart.  We love you Nicholas.  Happy Happy Birthday buddy. 
The night before- he is sleeping and balloons are placed.  Gift from Nate :)

6 AM wakeup of course!

Both boys happy to have balloons!

The love between these two can never be captured enough in pictures, but this picture shows it.

Birthday table ready!

Nintendo Monopoly!

2 New DS games!

Remote control helicopter!

Yes, he got a bike last year.  But he already needs a new one.  They grow so fast.

More Nate love!

Nate got this remote control car a couple of weeks ago.  He wanted to give it to Nick for his birthday.  It was so sweet. He had me write the note.  I can't believe that a three year old loves someone enough to give away his toys.
Off to school!

Mommy and Nate got to come in.  We had cake and Mommy was the birthday reader!

Cookie cake by request.

Nate helping to set up for the next day.

Working together.
Now there are 11 seven year olds and only 7 six year olds.  Nick was excited to change the tally chart!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Nick's 7th Birthday Party

All the boys ready to have fun.  Mrs. Kemezis's class is a true bunch of buddies!

Ready for bumper cars!

Nick having so much fun!

Hi Auntie Liz!

Madison and Morgan

Daddy and Nate
Nick setting up his cake himself.  No more Mommy helping :(

He's ready!

Blowing out the candles!

This is where my heart was filled.  Nick invited Nate over to help blow his last two candles.  Nate was obviously excited!
The winner of 5000 tickets.

Nate won 500 tickets here twice!

The boys and their tickets :)

Mini golf time!

Nate was ready too!

The boys in the ticket booth.  Nick wanted Nate to do it with him.  Nate wore protective gear :)

Ready to go!
Go Nick! Go Nick!

Look at these two!
Nick is 7.  We just can't believe this big boy!

Nate posing with his big brother, best of friends.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Birthday Party for Nate

Disclaimer-- We will have just moved for the next two Augusts. Nate will just be settling in and really have no friends for his birthday. Therefore, I decided we would throw him an early birthday party here in Jersey where he has developed his very first friends. Nicholas developed his first friendships in Virginia, but this is where Nate began. It makes me so sad to leave. Here is his party at a great little play place called My Little Adventures. He had a blast, was completely out of his shell, and with these smiles, I know I did the right thing.
Beach Theme!

Almost four!

Nate and his buddy Jamie

Anthony being his cute self.


Having the time of their lives.

Ready for action!

Look at the massive size of Nicholas.  It's hysterical!

Cousin John having fun!

Even the party people are having a blast with Nate!

Joe and Nate discussing something very important!

Joe is Nate's best friend here.  He looks up to him when Nick's not around!

Having a blast!

Shake it up!

Crazy Nate!

The next sequence of pictures makes me so proud of my two boys.  They are best friends.

Fine Family

Bubble Time!