Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July Fun

We have lots of friends coming to visit this month. First, we had our cousins Chris and Tony visit because they are moving to NJ with the Coast Guard. We are so excited for them to be "Jersey Fresh" with us. We also got to go to Sesame Place with our cousin John (who we have to stop calling Baby John because he is almost as tall as Nate) for his very first encounter with big furry friends. Finally, we got to go make our own pizzas today at Chicago Uno. More friends come to stay tonight so stay tuned for more fun! XOXO

Getting ready to eat spaghetti and meatballs. Shirts off of course (it can be messy!)

A little Mario Kart time together (shirts off just to be "Jersey")

So happy to play together!!

At Sesame Place cooling off!

Waiting for John's reaction to Elmo!

Not bad for his first time :)

This picture cracks me up!!
It looks like John is saying "Yeah man, you really are a big bird!"

Painting shells from the shore when it was 115 outside this weekend!

Nick making his pizza at Uno.

Nate is mad because he doesn't think this looks like "the pizza I eat."

Now that it is cooked, "Yeah, I will eat it Mom!"

No complaints from Nick!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Daddy Time

When Nick and Mommy were in Florida, Daddy and Nate had some fun times together. Here is a day at the beach....

Having fun in the sun and the sand.

Taking an afternoon snooze....

How cute is this kid sleeping on the beach?

Now he has the energy for the rides!

And of course some ice cream!



The kids got to go on a Coldstone Creamery tour a couple of weeks ago with our MOMS Club. It was so exciting for them to go in the back and see everything behind the scenes with their friends!

Waiting to start with Madison and Morgan-- our very best "girl friends."

Nick dipping his cone in chocolate.

Notice Nate's cone is plain-- no "chocwate" for Nate!

Nick getting to try the dishwasher spray!

Nate takes a try!

Nick getting his ice cream ready to eat!

Nick and Madison- xoxo

Nate's ready!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Trying to Recap

Lord have mercy, we have been so busy! I am going to try to start catching up on our blog this week.

Nicholas and I went to celebrate Sophia's 1st birthday. It was so fun to be there and kiss her for a few days.

Getting to know each other again.

Let me get a better look....

... yep, we are cousins. Let me kiss you!

Nick showing Sophia how to play Mario :)

Nick showing Sophia how to race cars :)
They truly loved hanging out together.

Going to the pool- a bathing beauty!

Nick so happy to be in the pool!

Sophia watching Nick swim.

Mommy and Nick floating together.

Floating together :)

Sophia's birthday present- a ride on Pooh toy.

Thank you Aunt Elizabeth and Nick! I love it!

So smiley :)

Before the big party. Sophia looks a little nervous :)

Mommy gets to celebrate too- she survived the first year!

Nick showing Sophia a sticker.

Really really unsure about everyone watching her with her cake!

Not a cake fan. She was so so upset. Nick tried to comfort her :)

We had a great time. We love you so much Sophia. Keep on growing, but we miss you!!
Hugs and so many kisses.