Friday, November 23, 2007

Nicholas Takes DC

We left last Sunday for DC-- Matt had a class and Nicholas and I tagged along. It was great fun! Nicholas loved our hotel- fountains were abundant and the elevator was extremely exciting for him. We got to see lots of friends while we were there, and unfortunately, I forgot my camera almost every night. However, I did remember my camera when Nicholas finally got to meet his birthday buddy, Brayden Girata!! During the week, we went to a really cool dessert place and made smores right at our table-- Nicholas is like his mommy and has quite the sweet tooth!! We started Thanksgiving Day with the Macy's Day Parade in our hotel room. Nicholas loved every second, saying, "What's coming next? Who you think? Guess Mommy, guess!" His favorite part was the Sesame Street float. He kissed the TV every time Elmo came on. We checked out of the hotel (with Nicholas riding the back of the luggage cart) and then spent Thanksgiving Day with the Cueto family and shared some delicious food and lots of memories (Thank you Cara, Brian, Crista, GaGa C and PapPa C!)... Nicholas made the day while playing with his doggy best friend, Sammy Davis Jr. Jr.

We loved getting to see our friends this week. It makes us thankful to have lots of people who bless our lives with their love. We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and hope to see you very soon. Until then, eat those leftovers!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Potty Training in Session

We haven't posted for a while for good reason-- Nicholas decided that he was ready for big boy underwear, so on Saturday, we made the switch. We only wear pullups for his nap and bedtime. We have only had two accidents, and Nicholas has marked his territory at places such as the mall, Backyard Burger, and his dentist's office! He has no problem using the big potty and goes around saying "Mommy's so proud of me, Daddy's so proud of me!" The big test will come when we leave for DC on Sunday for Thanksgiving. Since he hasn't had any trouble using the potty when we go out, I am not too worried. But, I will be prepared with diapers just in case. (Remember, he is just about two and a half and the dr. told me it wouldn't happen until he was closer to three).

The funniest story I have about this experience was this past Monday at the mall. Nicholas decided he had to go potty, so I took him to the food court bathroom. We went in and did our business and when we came out, there were all these grandmothers out there cheering him on. He loved every second and gave them high fives. It was hysterical!

We will post after Thanksgiving. We hope you have a wonderful holiday! We love and miss you all so much and are thankful for you, our dear friends and family. God bless!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

The BPL Murder Mystery Party

I posted all the Halloween events for our little guy over the past few days knowing that all you guys really care about is seeing him. However, this past weekend, we hosted the annual Halloween party for our block (BPL stands for Bridle Path Lane-- we have our own bumper stickers and everything-- you wish you could live here, believe me!). This year, we decided to try a murder mystery game. There are tons of these online, but basically, we ordered "Murder in Margaritaland" and all the neighbors were assigned a character. Mathew and I were "Coconut Joe" and "Coconut Jane". We were the proud owners of Margaritaland.... While drinking and eating, we were investigating the murder case... it was a blast. Here are some funny pictures.
We hope you had a Happy Halloween!