Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Merry Month of May

The month of May is always a whirlwind in our house with Nick's birthday. But this year was even crazier-- a baby shower (yeah Baby Sophia!!), Nate got his second set of ear tubes, a Nascar race, two grandparent visits, and a trip to Disney (in which we are leaving in an hour). In the midst of it, we are one fine happy family.

We have fun with our new bubble machine. Thanks Gaga!

Strawberry Picking

Nate in thought of if he should eat this one or not!

On the hayride after picking!

Thanks Aunt Catherine- Nate loves the bread dipped in olive oil.
He already knows the good things in life!

Blowing bubbles in our new sunglasses!

The month of May makes us crazy!

Monster Mile- Nascar in Dover

On May 15th, Nascar came to Dover, 90 minutes away. It was a special day for Nick and Daddy to spend together!!

Nate saying goodbye to his brother!

Off they go!

Nick gets to see Lightning McQueen right up close!

Nick and Daddy with a Monster Mile Racecar.

Nick racing cars with the big boys :)

This is Nick's first time on a horse!

Taking a snack break in the Kids Zone courtesy of Hershey!

Nick and Digger (he is on Fox News and pops up during races!)

Nick outside the Monster Mile Speedway!

Nick gets to see his favorite car, #18, up close!

Watch out Kyle Busch!

Taking a rest in the back of the car!

Protecting his hearing is always important!

Wouldn't you know?
Kyle Busch, Nick's favorite, wins the whole race.
He even won the race the next day.
This was all meant to be of course!!
Let's go racing boys!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Nick's Birth "Day" in Pictures

Nicholas's 5 year old birthday. It occurred on a Saturday, so it was so much fun!

Waking up to balloons on his bedroom floor.

It really is the little things!

This was a great surprise and so easy to do!

Scratching off his birthday lottery tickets (we start them young here!)

Nate finally woke up, so Nick wanted to show him the balloon surprise right away!

Having fun together.

Nate has the funniest wake up expressions (and hair).

Nick trying on his watch from Nate.

A 5 birthday pancake.

A 5 birthday flag!

Off to his birthday party at Little Sport-- what a cake!

Nate having fun!

The awesome cookie favors-- thanks Michelle!

Go Team Nick!

Welcoming the birthday boy in style!

What a fun group!

Nate eating his pretzels.

Happy Birthday Nicholas shadow box!

Nick's special moment.

Happy Birthday to Nick

Nick's hysterical arrival in the golf cart.

Nick's Birthday at School

I have been behind on posting for a while with all the excitement here from our little boy turning five. But I am starting off with his birthday at school. We made our cupcakes at home and this is my 3rd year with almost the same instructions-- the number and sprinkles-- being the center of attention.

I got to go in and teach music to his class and celebrate with him. I enjoyed seeing his smiling face as his class celebrated him as much as I love him.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Visit with Grandparents

Gaga and Papa Fine came for a couple of weeks to help out while Mommy went to Aunt Annie's baby shower and Nate got his ear tubes. They had a great visit! Here are some pics to share.

Papa entertained Nate coloring....

.... Papa and Nate enjoying a book.

We took Gaga to Sesame Place while she was here so she could see how much fun it is. Nate loved the characters this time too.

Nate and Nick embracing Zoey.

Gaga and Nick and The Count!

Gaga and the boys on the carousel.

Now embracing Big Bird!

The boys and Big Bird.

Gaga and Nick and Big Bird.

Fine Family and Big Bird. We were very excited to see Big Bird. He is one that we have yet to get our picture with!