Sunday, October 31, 2010

Finally.... Halloween!

We have been to many events this week for Halloween, but the big day was finally here. The kids carved their pumpkin last night after Mass, and today, we made pumpkin seeds and pumpkin chicken soup (yes, chicken soup roasted in a pumpkin at 350 degrees for 90 minutes... delicious!!). Then, off we went to trick or treat! What a great Halloween week!

Ready to go in Mom!

Nick showing Nate the guts!

Daddy laughing while the kids are just nuts!

Making our soup!

"Oh my goodness.... cooking the soup in a pumpkin??!!"

In goes the soup!

Finished seeds. Nick said he liked them!

#95 and his crew!

Lightning McQueen!

The Pit Crew!

Nate ran off to see this Pooh and have his picture with him!

The cutest bunch on the block!

The first house!

Nate on his march with Sammy!

The neighborhood clan!

Examining their goods!

What a day!

Lots of loot!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Springville Elementary....

.... is seriously awesome. I can't tell you how much Nicholas loves Kindergarten and his classmates. They really are a sweet bunch. Yesterday, the entire school had their Halloween Parade. It was really cute. Nicholas had a wonderful time.

Nick heading into school for his party!

It was really cold and windy yesterday.
Nate is prepared :)

The Springville Tiger

Here comes Mrs. DePew's class!

There's our Nick!

All smiles!

Catching Nicholas mid-action silly.

All done and Mrs. DePew is still smiling!!
Such a good teacher!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween Weekend

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Jersey Friends

We officially have Jersey BFF's, the Collazo family! Eliz has Roseann. Nick and Nate have Joe and Emma (however, Nate would not pose in these pictures with them). I neglected a picture of the dads too, Matt and Emmett, but they get along very well together. Here are some pictures from our Halloween event last night.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Trunk or Treat

Last night was our MOMS Club Trunk or Treat. Every mom decorates their trunk and brings a treat, and the kids parade from trunk to trunk getting their treat. So much fun. We have a party afterwards where we eat pizza and yummy goodies and there is story and music time.... here is the debut of Lightning McQueen and his Pit Crew :)

Mommy and Daddy dressed as Snow White and Prince Charming

A Disney Family!

Bubbles Mommy!

Getting their loot :)

In front of our van :)

Mommy and Roseann

Mommy doing music time with some of the kids :)

Nate's First Class Party

Nate's co-op preschool (we all take turns leading the lesson each week) had a Halloween party on Wednesday, and it was his first official class party! He stuffed all his treat bags and was ready to party when we left the house! He was adorable and we had a great time together!

Standing perfectly still for a "cheese."

I prefer this smile.... how cute is he?

Side view

Snack time!!

Even playing in the gym in his costume!

And we took it off right before we trick or treated :) He did so well!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Great Pumpkin

We began the weekend celebrating Baby John's 1st birthday. We think he had a good time, balloons, cake, and all!

This morning, we got up and went to search for the great pumpkin as a family instead of with our classrooms :) The boys have such a good time on the hayride. What a beautiful day to be outside.

The Fine Boys
(Nate's shirt says "All My Friends are Monsters" and cracks me up!)

The boys and their dad

Nate trying to lift the pumpkin he liked best.

Decisions, decisions...

... lots of choices!

Mommy and her boys

The one we picked

Nate loves to get his picture taken...

and loves to play!

We ended the weekend making our goody bags for school . I didn't get a picture of Nicholas, but he he did make his this afternoon. Nate had such a good time with me stuffing them tonight. Here he is with our treat. Happy Halloween everyone... it is a long week filled with lots of opportunities of fun for our kids! Pictures to follow!