Sunday, November 30, 2008

Nate is Baptized!

Nathaniel Edward Fine was baptized last Sunday, November 23rd. We were blessed to have Father Cuddy make another one of our children a child of God. Thank you Father! We also were blessed to have his godparents, Nick Squires and Crista Cueto, both with us, along with their families. And along with them, we had more of our friends join us. It was a beautiful day!

Mommy getting Nate dressed!

Suiting up!

Ready to go!

Family picture in the hotel room
(can you believe we used the camera on a timer!!)

Nick holding his brother!

Anointed with oil.

Godfather and Godson cavorting some plan we have no idea about!

Not even a cry!

Parents and Godparents (and brother!)

Godfather and Godmother!

Thank you Fr. Cuddy!

After the baptism, we went to celebrate at Buca di Beppo!

Auntie Cara adoring Nate.

Uncle Nick entertaining the toddlers with stickers!

The Squires and DeFilippos

Papa C. and GaGa C. and Father Cuddy

Nicholas did not have a nap, can you tell??

The Aleksak Family

Cara's beautiful cake! Thank you Auntie Cara!

GaGa C. succeeded in helping Nate to sleep!

Thank you all for being a part of his baptism. We did miss our GaGa, Aunt Annie and Uncle Rob, and GaGa and Papa. We will see you in a couple of weeks for Christmas! We love you all very much!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

What's Been Goin' On?

Of course I get lots of emails asking where the pictures have been, and it is about ten times harder to post now that there are two! So here is what has been going on for us this November!

Nate all smiles-- our MVP!

Nicholas making pumpkin ice cream.
Thank you Mama Tippett for the awesome apron and cooking tools!

Nate as cute as ever!

Nicholas at arena car racing with Daddy!

He is having the time of his life!

Last weekend, there were lots of toy ads in the Sunday paper. Nicholas went right to work on his letter to Santa.

(Cars, legos, games (for his Leapfrog Clickstart computer), and Leapster 2)

Working hard!

We started to cut them out and paste specific toys in the letter.

Ready to mail!

My two big boys!

This weekend, Nicholas's soccer team had their party at Red Robin and received their trophies for all their hard work this season.

Miss Julie's cool cupcakes (and boy were they good!)

Nate is already wishing he could eat one!

Nick accepting his trophy with his big green grin!

Nate will be playing soon!

Go Team Arsenal!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Night

Here are the pictures from Halloween night FINALLY. Sorry for the delay, but you have seen the kids in their costumes so these are just my favorite shots. It was a great Halloween, but we are ready to move on to the rest of the fun holidays coming up!! And all the yummy food. And family. And friends. And parties... yahoo! Christmas is near!

The Blue Crayon
lThe Blue Crayon and the Pumpkin
(another title in my upcoming series of children's books!)

Please don't try and put me in that pumpkin Daddy!

Nicholas and our neighbor Cierra.

Nicholas loved the black spiders on our neighbor's house!

The BPL crew!

What, I get no candy??!!

Mommy and Nick walking.

Nicholas and his loot!

Monday, November 3, 2008

My Favorite Yet

This is by far my favorite video of Nick singing the ABC's to Nate. I have tried to capture it so many times, but this time, I saw both of their expressions on camera for the first time. It is too darn cute. Nick trying so hard to teach his brother and Nate listening so intently you would think he wanted to join in. Sorry for the sunshine glare over Nick's face-- we need new blinds!
Will post Halloween night pictures soon, but you guys have seen every Halloween event with "The Crayon" so far, so I hope you are not on the edge of your seat waiting. Love you all! Happy Fall!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Nate's Amazing?

What's that you say? Nate is so amazing that he can sit up already? No, he cannot but he still is amazing :) I have received a ton of emails and comments regarding the picture of the boys next to their pumpkin and Nate looking like he is sitting up. Look closely in the bush next to Nate. Matt is there holding him up. Now, the kid does have amazing head control and support, but no, he cannot sit up!! Will post more pictures soon!