Saturday, June 27, 2009

Nick's First Ferris Wheel Ride

I think we were truly successful with our first family vacation in Ocean City, NJ. Whenever we talk about it, Nick is almost teary eyed remembering the boardwalk, beach, and especially the amusement rides. He had such a good time and often speaks of it as it was years ago with "Remember when in Ocean City...." We also bought "Good Night New Jersey" and when the page about the boardwalk and rides comes up, his eyes light up. If you don't know about these books and are a parent, they are wonderful books saying goodnight to each state or city... it is a great way to learn about where you live, especially if you are moving...

Nick went on his first ferris wheel ride with Daddy as well as his first log flume ride. I could not believe he did either of these, and his eyes were bright and so happy when he got off both of them...

Nick and Daddy are in the boat going down!

Nick's First Ferris Wheel

Look at the happiness!!

Ocean City, NJ from above

Nate was in his pj's walking around while Nick was up in the air!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Growing Up on the Road

We did celebrate Father's Day in our hotel and dinner at the Macaroni Grill. This is Matt's first Father's Day as a daddy of two. There couldn't be two luckier boys than mine to have him for their daddy. He is an amazing daddy and husband and we are so blessed to have him taking care of us. I love you Matt, even on the road and through the hell of moving, even through Jon and Kate divorcing (ha ha), even through football season fights and begging you to come home from work early-- you are the best daddy and husband. God bless us with many more Father's Day's to celebrate together.

Finally, even though we have been on the road and in hotels for the past few weeks, this is not stopping our sweet little Nate from growing up. In fact, I think it is encouraging his already fast developmental pace. He is walking in that cute way little babies do, holding his hands out in front of him with big steps. He has also learned to clap and do "no no" with his head. I can't believe how different he is from when we left Virginia just a couple of weeks ago. This video is so very sweet (Gagas- eat your heart out!).

Friday, June 19, 2009

Ocean City Second Post

So in my last post, I went on and on about our one week vacation in Ocean City, NJ. We had the best time; this place is so fabulous for families. Besides all the amusement rides that I posted before, we had a great time everyday at the beach. Here is our trip in pictures.

Nick is in the bike lane on the boardwalk.
We got up every morning and I walked, Matt ran, and Nick biked. Oh yeah,
and sometimes Nate napped!!

Nate's and Mommy's piggies in the Atlantic Ocean!


We rented a surrey one morning. Nick wanted the #3 surrey.

The Finest Family on our surrey ride!

Nate strapped in and loving it. From behind, he looked like E.T. in the bike cart.

The Finest Boys.

Nate's first bites of pizza are from Mack and Manco's (in the background).
Look at those cheeks!

Click to see this picture closer.
Too cute!

The Finest boys and their Finest Daddy!

Mommy and her boy.
Now we look alike!

Nate at breakfast all smiles!

Let's go fly a kite.

Daddy letting go of the reins.

Nick's got it!

Nate loved the sand and I don't think he ate more than a pound this week :)

Ocean City, NJ rocks!

Nick loved the huge rocks.

It was a little cold!

Daddy and his boys.

Nate flying the kite :)

The Coast Guard flew overhead many times.

Our Week in Ocean City, NJ

We have spent the last week in a house by the beach in Ocean City, NJ. I found this beach online by searching "New Jersey's Best Family Beach." Ocean City popped right up and had been voted the best family beach for years and years. We concur. It is awesome- the boardwalk is perfect for walks and bike rides in the morning while all the shops, mini golf, and eateries are open for families in the early morning for those kids that are up bright and early! The beach was so much fun during the day but nothing could compare to the boardwalk at night when the rides were open for the kids. There was always plenty to see and do, and with it being a dry town, there was no partying high school or college kids to contend with. We plan to come back every summer. If you are looking for a week away with your family, we highly recommend Ocean City-- the one in our new state of New Jersey!!!!!!!!

I will start with the pictures of the kids on the rides and post some more of the beach later. Nicholas was so funny running around to all of the rides and measuring himself to see if he could ride alone! He was so proud of himself!

Daddy and Nick on the "big bumper cars."

Nick getting to ride solo on the "kiddie bumper cars."


Mommy and Nate (who looks nothing like his mommy!)

Mommy and Nick on the kiddie roller coaster (I would not go near the big one! It is huge!)

Hi Daddy!

Nick and Mommy on his first roller coaster!

Nick going down the "really big slide all by himself!"

That was way too much fun!

Daddy and Nate.
(See how big this ferris wheel is!)

Nick in the bumper boats.

Nate playing while Nick rode the rides.

Fire engines!

Both of our cousins came to spend some time with us.
We had bunches of fun!

I think Nick is ready for the Dumbo ride at Disney, don't you?

Nate on his first carousel ride.

Daddy rode with Nate.

Nate's favorite person is his daddy.

Mommy and Nick on the merry go round.

Nick had a blast!

We found more rides the second night! There are two whole piers filled with rides.
Nick on the antique cars.

Hey Mr. Dave- Look, I am a marine!

Nick's first solo roller coaster with his new found friend Douglas.

Now, Gillian's Wonderland Pier had a Nascar Speedway for the kids. Nicholas went bananas over this so it needs its own section! He could not believe he could ride his favorite racecars even in NJ!

Will post more pictures of us on the beach soon. Love you all- keep on praying for us. We leave for Mount Laurel, NJ tomorrow for 11 more nights before we get into our house!