Sunday, June 24, 2012

Some Bonus OC pics

These pictures were taken on my phone from our beach vacation two weeks ago. Some came out great so I had to share. We loved the time with our family.

In case you don't know, we are moving to Newport, RI next Saturday for one year. Matt will be going to the Naval War College. The list for possible jobs after comes out August 1st, so we will be there one month before starting our list for the following year. Crazy! We are excited to be living right on the beach. I am not excited about moving two years in a row, but we do what we have to do. Keep us in your prayers. We love you all.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Sophia laughing at Nick

Ocean City 2012

There is no place we would rather be than in Ocean City. This year, we were lucky to spend it with Aunt Annie, Uncle Rob, and Sophia. It was a blast. I got sick as a dog at the end, but I powered through as best as I could so the kids could enjoy what might be our last trip. We love you OC. Thank you for giving us the greatest memories! "Cause down the shore everything is alright...."

Nick, Nate, Soph 2012
Life's a beach!

Ferris Wheel Fun!

Daddy and Nate!

Ice Cream 2012
Ice Cream 2012 with extra cousins :)  XOXO
Barely fitting in the bumper boats!

First time on the swings!

Bumper cars!

How cute is Nate?

First morning breakfast together.  Too cute!

Aunt Annie and Nick going on log flume ride.

Nate and the Jilly French Fry Guy

Nate and Mr. Taffy

Weighing in together

Sophia and her first mini golf experience :)

Nate mini golfing

Nick and "mini Gaga" golfing

These three are a mess :)
Nate ready to bump!

Three cousins on bumper cars!

Nick cheese!

Finally, the Thomas train ride!

Nick helping Sophia fly a kite

Nate flying. It was so windy.
Daddy and Nate-- look at his hair from the wind!

Daddy, Mommy, Nate

Off to boogie board
Uncle Rob and Sophia- "Daddy hold me!"

Our love
Nick became quite the boogie boarder this year!

Building a moat through the castles :)

These are "the eyes."  Ask Sophia for them, she gives them to you.  

Aunt Annie and her boys

Three cousins

Family shot

Here I am, sick as a dog, powering through for the kids :)

Nick loved this ride!

Crazy boys!

Our #1 love

Last Night Ice Cream

Goodbye OC!  We love you!