Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nate's First Haircut

Nate had his first haircut yesterday. He did not make a peep and sat there nicely on my lap the whole time. Was an absolute angel. I won't say how Nick was for his first haircut, but I am glad two kids can be so different! We love both our boys all the same :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Adventures of Nick, Nate, Cole, and Luke!

I am very late on this post. The boys got very sick last weekend and so did Mommy. I must have been having sympathy pains for all of their ear infections, because I had a double ear infection of my own this week along with a sinus infection. Needless to say, I am catching up on my posts before I head to Florida for my sister's baby shower! Yahoo!

After our Easter fun, we anxiously awaited the arrival of our friends from Virginia for Spring Break! Nicholas had been counting down the days until his best buddy Cole and his little brother Luke arrived. The fun began on Easter Monday as they stayed for "three nights and four days" (as Cole was saying--- he made it sound like an all-inclusive resort right here in New Jersey!). We took them to the aquarium and the farm, and of course, Cole and Nick had their very first sleepover! Enjoy the pictures.

The Aquarium...

It was the hippo's birthday at the aquarium so the boys got party hats!

Cole and Nick in the rainforest.

Cole and Nick in a sub :)

Cole and Nick getting ready to touch a starfish!

Touching the starfish.

Nate and Cole outside.

Nick and his very best buddy Cole!

At the farm...

Little boys posing for a picture.

Big boys planted in the greenhouse.

Nick racing...

Cole racing...

Everyone on the hayride!

At home...

Enjoying a cookie.

Luke trying on Nick's shoes.

These two boys have known each other since they were less than a year old. They have been a part of each other's "firsts" since they were little. Now look at them- five years old and having their first sleepovers together. It makes me proud to know our children have formed a lasting friendship (just like their mommies!)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter Sunday

Easter morning was a big hit after a nice day in Ocean City the day before. After all the fun left by the Easter Bunny, we went to mass and then north Jersey to Uncle Johnny's for an amazing Italian Easter. Yum-o! The three cousins were again together on Easter and we are blessed to now live by family for the holidays. Here is our day! Enjoy.

Baskets left by the Easter Bunny!

The Easter Bunny's note!
Off we went to the basement!

The hunt begins.
Nick showing Nate what to do and exactly how to do it!

One egg...

... three eggs...

.... four eggs....


Nate's reaction to everything is "Oh!"

Ready to look through our eggs!

Sorting and seeing what the Easter Bunny left.

Nate needed his smoothie break.
(He won't drink plain old milk, I have to make milk smoothies every morning!)

Looking at eggs with our smoothie!

Coffee and smoothie break :)

Nate finally figures out how silly Easter Donald Duck is!

Easter Bunny left a clue in one of the eggs.

A cool new batting set!

Daddy showing Nick how to hit.

The boys before church. How handsome they both are!

Aunt Addy and her buddy Nick!

The three Maresca cousins at the end of a very long day :)

This short video shows how Nick counted his change that the Easter Bunny left in his eggs. :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter Saturday

Easter weekend and Spring Break were fun filled for the Fine Family so we will be posting a lot over the next few days. We will start our posts with Easter Saturday when we spent the day in Ocean City, NJ, our favorite place on the shore. We stayed there for a week this past summer when we were moving and will be back for a week this June. This past weekend, we met the Easter Bunny and took part in an Easter Egg Hunt on the beach. The boardwalk and rides were also open so Nicholas was in hog heaven! Don't miss the video at the end to find out how many blasts Nicholas was having!

Nick and Nate are hugging and kissing the Easter Bunny.

The Easter Bunny was found on the boardwalk too :)

The Easter Egg Hunt was mass chaos so pictures were not happening.
This is the best I got!

After the hunt, the boys posed on the shore.
Last year was the White House, this year was the Jersey Shore!

The end of the day is near-- poor Daddy!

The boys first "alone" ride together!
Nate loved it!

End the day with ice cream and Nate is in a much better mood!

Kohr Brothers ice cream is the very best!

The Fine Family on the boardwalk.

Matt got a pic of his "Jersey Girl."