Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Nate's First Birthday

What both the grandmas (and maybe you) have been waiting for.... Happy Birthday Nate in pictures!

Morning Breakfast

Nicholas telling his brother "Happy Birthday."

Nate sees Aunt Annie in the morning; he didn't recognize her with her glasses on.
His face is so funny.

Won't sit still in the high chair at his birthday dinner.
Check out those cheeks.

Nick with his godparents. :)

On Saturday, we had his birthday party with our family.


Nate's Birthday Table

Aunt Annie and Elizabeth

Nate wakes up from his nap and sees his birthday balloons!

Nate listens to Nick read his cards.

Rutgers sweatshirt for the Jersey boy!

Nate loves this card.

His new ride on Mater from Aunt Annie and Uncle Rob.

Nate's birthday spread.

Nate in his party hat!

Bring it on...

I am one now. I can show you with my fingers.

Gosh, this is good.
Nate of course knew what to do with his cake.


Double fisted bites were occurring here!

I don't think I can eat anymore Mommy!

Ok, I am back.

All the Maresca cousins together. Yahoo!

Nate's handiwork.

Nate in his fireman hat from Aunt Addy and Uncle Johnny.

The next morning, Mater is still a hit.

The boys with their aunt and uncle.

Nate at breakfast.

We had more friends visit us the following day on Sunday. We didn't get pictures; it was a quick dinner. Thank you for celebrating with us Auntie Cara, Uncle Brian, and Auntie Crista. We let Nate finish his cake, and this time, his diaper was really tight when I changed it. It popped right off when he got up. Here he is walking through the house-- Happy Birthday Baby!

On a "stat" note, Nate went to the dr. today for his checkup. I have been told to let my child eat whatever he wants. In weight, he dropped from the 75th percentile to the 50th; he gained less than a pound and weighs 22 lbs. 15 ozs. However, he grew 2 1/2 inches and is 31 1/2 inches long and is therefore in the 90th percentile. So, bring on the food for Nate. Happy Birthday to my sweet "little."

Friday, August 14, 2009

August News

I am proud of myself for posting mid-month. Some of these pictures just can't be beat.

Matt and Nick went to the Poconos for the Pennsylvania 500, a Nascar race. Sadly, they waited all day and it was rained out. However, the two boys had a good time. Here are some pics.

Daddy and Nick tailgating.

Nick in a racecar!

Nick and his favorite driver (in cutout of course!)

Wearing his earplugs waiting for the race to start.

Rained out but still smiling!

Lots of fun has been had in our backyard in the pool. He

We went to another fair last weekend- there are tons of them here and Nick is a big fan!


Someday I will ride the rides, someday!

Here is Nate in a diaper, one sock, and one shoe. Why I don't know?

We are lucky enough to live so close to Aunt Francesca that we get to visit often. S'mores for all, even Nate!

So my little is turning one in one week! We are anxiously awaiting Aunt Annie and Uncle Rob's arrival for the big day. The Maresca clan will be here for Nate's actual birthday, but Gaga and Papa Fine will be here the following week to celebrate with us. Then Mama Maresca will be heading back in mid-September. The celebration will continue I am sure.

Now some videos!

Every mother needs to do this with their oldest child. It might come in handy in the future. Watch the video.

Nate is eating all solid food these days. When Nick turned one, he didn't quite know what to make of his little cake. I am afraid Nate will down his cake in two seconds flat. He comes running when the Reddi Whip comes out...

Finally, much to my dismay, Nicholas is singing country music. This is so cute I couldn't help but post. God is great! We love you all!