Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Milestone

Nicholas lost his first tooth tonight. We were at the dentist yesterday afternoon and Dr. Andy said we had a while until it came out. I guess he did something, because Nick's tooth fell out as we were making banana chocolate chip muffins. I was not ready for this; we don't even have a tooth fairy pillow. I also wasn't ready as a mommy; this was a very bittersweet day! No matter what, it is a milestone. Happy Lost my First Tooth Day Nicholas!

Nate needed his picture taken too!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happy January

January is almost gone, and I cannot believe that we are already a month past Christmas!! I am still getting used to writing 2011 on things and will be for the next year until 2012. Snow has come and gone already, but let's remember that February was the snowiest month last year. Here is our month in pictures.

First big snow after Christmas!

Finally building a snowman when it is almost gone!

Nate getting the nose on!

The boys and their first snowman of the year.

Nate had a big milestone occur after Christmas- he gave up his pacifier!!
Here he is in all his glory but with no "baba!"
Yay Nate!

Both boys in timeout for fighting over a toy.
Too funny not to take a picture.

The second big snow came with a snow day for Nick but not for Matt.
Here we go, just the three of us!

Nate's first snowball...

... at Mommy!

Nick cleaning the BBQ as "man of the house."

Nate's sled ride.

And that was the end of Nate.
He was outside for a total of 5 minutes.

Nate dressed up for a big party!

Nick ready to go too!

Being silly at Uncle John's 80th!

Happy Birthday Uncle Johnny!!!

Daddy getting some cheeks!

The boys got their presents from Italy's Uncle Giuseppe.
They are the only boys in New Jersey with Fiat toy cars!
How lucky are they!

Nate is very proud of his red car!

See you in February! STAY WARM!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Our Adorable Niece

Look at this adorable sweet baby girl sitting up as if she is 9 months old already and just turned 6 months. I want to kiss her every minute that we are away! We love you Sophia!