Thursday, August 30, 2012

And Summer is over...

August was a very busy month for us. Having just moved here in July, we had lots of company and kept busy.  We went to our "backyard beach" and Second Beach in Newport a bunch.  We also celebrated Matt's 35th birthday. Gaga came for a visit, and Francesca and cousin John also came and stayed with us.  We ended our last weekend of summer at a corn maze- the pumpkins were growing and we could smell Fall in the air already here in New England.  Nick started school Tuesday and is now a second grader in a school He comes home looking like he has run a marathon because they have no A/C, but I have been assured we won't be feeling this heat much longer.  Nick is doing great, and Nate starts next Wednesday at a new preschool three mornings a week.  I will be taking an online college class to renew my teaching certificate, and Matt is engrossed in classes at the War College.  So you could say that we are truly all students here in this household!  Here is to a short year in Rhode Island with a lot of learning!  Have a happy September!
Look at this rock Mom!

Nate boogie boarding at Second Beach!

Nick the Fish on his board

We saw The Lion King on the rocks in Newport.  A great family night with new friends

Making Daddy's birthday cake

A birthday morning kayak ride with Nate while Nick was at Vacation Bible School

Gaga and the boys at the Cliff Walk in Newport

Daddy and his boys at the Cliff Walk

The boys got sopping wet exploring for five minutes on the side of the road in Newport.
PS- They were not happy taking this picture after they were all wet.

On the grounds of The Breakers

Newport with Gaga

Daddy's birthday!  Happy halfway to 70!

35 years young!

Gaga at the Officers Club with the boys

The Fine Family

Mother and Daughter

John and Nate fishing buddies!

Something on the TV has the littles attention!

Greatest picture ever of the three cousins!

Butterfly Garden

Brothers in the corn maze

The Bridge

This is far far from Queens for Mommy.  So different even than Jersey.

Boys in the maze

Escobar Corn Maze 2012 
Children of the Corn Take 1

Children of the Corn Take 2

Nick- Second Grade- August 28, 2012

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Nate is 4!!

Nate's birthday was small and quiet. Remember we celebrated with lots of friends before we left New Jersey. However, Nate has become a Star Wars freak and I decided to make it special by making a lightsaber cake even if it was just for the four of us. Then, we did meet some new friends here so we all went to Chuck E Cheese to have some fun. Nate, you are such a special and funny little guy. We call you our "little" only because we want you to stay this way forever. We know it won't happen, but for now, I love the way your little hand fits in mine and still holds on. I love the way your little face brightens up when you see Daddy come home. I love the way your little feet sound when you wake up and come to our room. I love everything about you my sweet little Nate. Happy 4th birthday. You will always be my little.
First morning of balloons in our new house

Nick helped to blow them up and he was so proud of himself :)

Nate is 4 years old!

Nick gave Nate some new Star Wars books.

Star Wars Fighter Pods- thanks Gaga and Papa and for my wall decals too!

Thank you Gaga and Papa for my new Yoda!

New Star Wars figures and Star Wars Leapster game- thanks Mommy and Daddy

Darth Maul lightsaber, a Star Wars sticker book, The Clone Wars on DVD!, and a new battle pack!
Thank you Aunt Annie, Uncle Rob, and Sophie!
Chuck E Cheese face!

Darth Maul lightsaber face!

Nate's lightsaber cake with all his new figures!

Happy Birthday Jedi Nate!

I'm four!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Boston's St. Anthony Festival

I haven't posted in a couple of weeks and need to catch up, especially with a post about Nate's birthday. But today, we made a quick trip into Boston for the 93rd annual Saint Anthony Feast in the North End. I have always wanted to see one of these festivals and my dreams did come true. We saw the parade and watched the statue being adorned by those who love him. People that lived in the apartments there seriously lowered money on ribbons to adorn the statue right from their windows!!  We ate so so much and everything was so delicious that Nicholas said "You just can't eat everything here or you would be sick, right Mommy?" Hahahaha. Yes, but we can give it a whirl :) We also explored Boston a bit and definitely need to head back soon.
Boys visiting the Boston Fire Station

Boston fire boys!

Nate and St. Anthony and baby Jesus

How cute is this kid?  And yes, despite his looks, he is a little Italian!!!

There goes St. Anthony

Boys heading up to say a prayer

Pinning on the donation

Taking a break

The Old North End Church (the boys were impressed with the boxes instead of pews!)

I loved the North end, everything came back to being Italian.  I need to live here.

St. Leonard's

To end the day, we found a spray garden and they had a blast.

Too much fun!

Forever young!