Monday, December 27, 2010

"Christmas Day Is In Our Grasp....

... So long as we have hands to clasp!" From the wise words of Dr. Seuss, we hope you had a Merry Christmas. Here is our day in pictures.

Santa came. All of his presents are wrapped in "Santa" paper.

Off to the stockings!

Nate got his blue flashlight.

Nick opening his golf clubs!

Nate got his favorite book series "No David."

Nate and his favorite present- a Mickey blanket from Luke and Cole.

He even had to try it out right on the floor in front of him!

Nick arranging his golf clubs in his new bag.

Practicing his swing.

Thomas the Train moves when you tell him!

Loading up a car hauler.

Playing ball together.

Nate loves his new trampoline.

Nick is still playing golf :)

Nate woke up from his nap so happy with his new blanket, Mickey, and George.

Our Clark W. Griswold.
Merry Christmas everyone!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas has come.....

.... and so has the snow! I am posting round one of our Christmas pictures. We had a rough week with Nicholas who began with an ear infection and then a sinus infection (you will see evidence in many of the pictures!). On Christmas Eve, he spiked a fever and I got stronger antibiotics for him. Luckily, he was better by Christmas morning but didn't get to go to mass on Christmas Eve. With even more luck, Nate did not get sick. We are lucky to have Gaga Maresca and Gaga and Papa all with us. We had a lovely holiday and are now stuck inside playing with our toys. Merry Christmas everyone!

Waiting for Jesus to come!

Nate smelling a Christmas cactus :)

Nick building his gingerbread house from school at home since he was sick!

Finished project!

Nate crafting his cards

Nick teaching Gaga piano :)

Bobby, our elf on the shelf, on his last day!

We let the boys exchange their Christmas presents on Christmas Eve so it is more special.
Nate got two new trains for his table!

Nick got a pretend "school" kit. He loves to teach Nate!

Hard at work teaching Nate his numbers and calendar.

Nate eating one of the Santa cookies!

Ready for church, except Nick had a fever so we changed him right back into his pj's.

These two are characters!

Setting out the cookies together.

Nate telling Nick where things should go....

.... but Nick making sure everything is just right.

Still working hard!

Finished Santa treats.

Nick is all ready for bed!

Twas the night before Christmas is going to be read.

Right before bed.

Off we go.
Here comes Santa Claus!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Cutest Baby Ever...

This is going to be a very long post because we just spent a week with the cutest baby ever. Our little goddaughter, Sophia, has grown so much and is the sweetest and happiest baby since my babies :) We had a great time in Florida visiting with our family and celebrating both Christmas and her baptism.

Happiest baby ever!

Dressed and happy!

Santa's newest elf!

Nate and Sophia (she is happy in the next one!)

Look at these two!

Just an elf sitting in her bumbo

The elf and Aunt Elizabeth

Last Friday, we went into Miami for Santa's Enchanted Forest. If you haven't been, it is a display of lights, rides, and other exciting fair offerings and it is right up any kids alley!

Santa's helpers ready to go!

Nate ran straight for Santa.
There is no fear of Santa from this two year old!

The boys and Santa

The elf and Mommy and Daddy

Bubbles are always a hit!

I don't know how the photographer got such a great shot.
Seriously, all three kids and all of us looking at the camera.
Thanks dude!

Nate and Mommy on the fastest and most unstable carousel ever!

The boys on a very cute sleigh ride.
They led the sleigh on the reindeer.

Nate needed to ride the pony. He loves them!

Before we left for the night, this is the shot we got.
I like it more and more every time I look at it.

The next morning, we celebrated with a mini Christmas with the three cousins.

Here they are while we set up watching TV.

Presents appeared. So did smiles!

The boys dove right in!

After they opened the presents, Nate (with his own initiative) set them up on the stairs for a picture with them. I think he is very proud of himself.

Nick went straight to work on a new workbook!

Sophia woke up from her nap and had her turn with a little help.

Sophia and her new penguin.

I love this- she goes right for everyone's face and we all let her!

Presents are done!

Nate was very sweet with Sophia. He always wanted to hold her.

She played with him a lot!

And Aunt Elizabeth got lots of smiles all the time.

Nick learned how to play the guitar with Uncle Rob :)

Annie's community had a mini golf course so off they went!

The boys had a blast!

Sophia and Daddy played too :)

Is there more to Florida than golf and pretty sunsets?

YES! The cutest baby ever!

Sophia's chunks in the bath.
Nick nicknamed her "Bundles".

How cute is she?

Look at the rolls of happiness!
And she is all breastfed bliss :)

On Sunday, she was baptized at 2 PM. Matt and I are so proud to be her godparents!

You are going to put me in what?

Ok, I will wear whatever you want me to because

All dolled up....

.... and still smiling :)

Off to the church.
We were a bit busy to take pictures during the actual baptism.

Madrina (I learned that from Rob's mom) and goddaughter

She looks so cute here. I love it. It reminds me of "Little House on the Prarie".

With Daddy and Mommy

She is the light of our world right now.
God bless Sophia Brena Ochoa!