Friday, July 30, 2010

Go Fish

So Nick went to his first baseball game in Florida and you can see by his face that he had a great time. Thanks to Uncle Rob for organizing the crew to go to the big game. And they won :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Our Sophia Trip

So many pictures, such a short time. We love our little niece so much and had a wonderful trip getting to meet her for the first time. Enjoy the pictures.

Aunt Elizabeth's first encounter
So glad to finally hold her!

Nick teaching Sophia to count.

She already looks up to him.

Nate's first encounter with Sophia.

From sweet cousin to crazy pool boy!

The kids spent most of their time entertaining the cat
(and driving her nuts!!)

Look at her face. So content with Uncle Matt.

Such a proud uncle.

First and maybe last sling ride :)
It was not easy to get her in there!!

Playing Uno with Gaga. Nate is eating a pretzel stick (although it looks like a cigar!!)

Gaga and her two youngest grandchildren.

We also got a chance to see our godson and family who live all the way in the forests of Washington state. Our trips to see our families in Florida timed perfectly and our mothers live directly across the street from each other!! The boys spent many a mornings at the pool together!!

Chris and Nick

Gaga and Nick

Tony and "New Papa"

Liz and Vicky out at Chili's, our one night out!

Most of our time was spent at Aunt Annie's getting a chance to be with Sophia...

Aunt Elizabeth getting her Sophia fix.

Watching Mickey with her big cousin.
Luckily, she isn't interested in the mouse yet.

She is so darn beautiful!

Picture perfect and those cheeks are delicious!

Enough pictures already!!

Mommy and Sophia's first day out!
Birthday party for another cousin and we all were invited!

Matt held the baby at the party and she slept like a champ!

Matching boys getting ready for a good old game!

Pin the nose on Elmo! This is Nate's first party game.

Nick getting his turn!
Aunt Annie and her boys

Boys totally loving every minute.

Sophia has a lot of aunts and uncles, so regular "I love my Aunt" bibs will just not do. Thanks Trish for the personalized beauties!

The boys had their own place to check on the baby!

Sophia loves her bouncy. Totally entertained!

We had to say goodbye and that was hard, but the boys powered through being silly of course.

Sophia looks mildly terrified.

Saying goodbye to Aunt Annie who is now a wonderful mommy.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Boys Meet Sophia

Here are two videos of the boys' first encounter with Sophia. Too too sweet. Will post more pictures tomorrow. Enjoy these for now :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sweetest Boy and Girl

We all know how sweet Nick is with all babies, but here he is with his first cousin. Check it out.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Our Sophia....


We arrived last Tuesday evening to finally meet our almost three week old niece. It wasn't soon enough for me. These pictures are ones my mom has captured and I wanted to get them up ASAP for family and friends wanting to get a glimpse of Sophia. There is no other word but beautiful for her. We are in love. Will post more when I upload my own photos.

Finally.... Aunt Elizabeth meets Sophia after a long day of travel.
(By the way, never rent a car from Hertz.)

She slept peacefully through all of us holding her! Isn't she adorable??!!

Nate holding the baby-
He is ever so gentle with her, and Nate is not gentle with much these days.
This is how I know he loves her!

Nick holding Sophia.
She looks up to her big cousin, can you tell?
He talks so sweetly to her. Video to come.

Gaga Maresca and all her grandchildren!!

Aunt Elizabeth happily holding Sophia whenever she can. Sad already to leave... ugh :(

Saturday, July 17, 2010

July Thus Far...

July has been a fun month at home so far. We are leaving Tuesday to see Baby Sophia, so I thought I should post before we leave since I am pretty sure we will be dedicating the blog to her when we get home :) Here is our July so far... this summer is going by fast!

The boys on their way to see Toy Story 3

New pool and good times!

Nick working on our 4th of July cupcakes for the block party.

Finest Family on July 4th.

Off to the aquarium with Emma and Joe!

Fine boys in a shark

The new stingray exhibit

Nick sure makes a cute fish!

The cutest boys ever

Reading in the morning together

Nick attended a soccer camp this week and did an amazing job. Here are some photos in action :)


Goal #2!!