Friday, June 25, 2010

Boys and Their Toys

So we have been home from Ocean City for a week and it has been a long week of catching up. I am finally getting a chance to post some pics from our vacation, and I thought I would begin by posting the boys on the rides.

One of Nate's first rides. He rode everything and ANYTHING he could!

The Ocean City Dumbo Ride

Gaga and Nick on the carousel

Mommy and Nate

Of course Nate chose the boat with the name "MiMi" on the back.
For those of you who don't know, he can't say "Mickey" so he calls him "Mimi."

How cute are these two?

Nick's favorite- the bumper cars!

Believe it or not, this is my first ferris wheel ride
(I guess I went when I was two, but I don't remember).
It took me 32 years and my 5 year old son but I did it.

Nick never minded his little brother tagging along.

Nate on the boats all by himself!


How much fun is this kid having?

Now he gets serious. He cracks me up!

Another one of Nick's favorite- the Nascars!

His roller coaster.

Showing Mommy they have their tickets to board!

So much fun!

Look at that smile from Nate, all seriousness from Nick since he has the controls!

We love Ocean City!

More pictures to follow...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Our Last Day-- Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom was a fun park and we were only there for half the day-- we were wiped out from all the fun on the previous days! We got to see lots of our favorite friends again and finally got to see Donald Duck, Nate's other favorite :)

The Finding Nemo show was amazing and I loved it. The safari was also incredible and we had a great time.

So, we are now off to Ocean City NJ for our family vacation. May and June have been crazy months, but we are having so much fun! Hope your summer is fun too!

This picture shows you how hot and steamy it was at 8:45 AM!

Mickey and friends arriving to open the park!

Nick on safari!

We have some fine drummers :)

Goofy bending over to hug little Nate!

The boys and their pals

Matt and Liz finally meet their Hawaiian o'hana, Lilo and Stitch!

Nick has no clue who these characters but he'll smile and hug them anyway!

Nate and Donald walking to the gazebo together!

Nick loved knowing he could reach Donald's hat!

The boys attacking Mickey as if they didn't meet him yesterday :)


The Magic Kingdom is Magical!!

We went to the Magic Kingdom last Friday and had a wonderful time. The boys were amazing with the characters and Nick loved riding all the rides. Enjoy the pictures.

Nick on Dumbo

Daddy and Nate waving to us!

Waiting for the carousel with the castle in the background.

Nate cheesing on the carousel.

Nick riding too.

The sword in the stone :)

Nick's favorite of course-- The Tomorrowland Speedway

Welcome to Toontown Fair!

Nate outside of Minnie's house

Boys outside of Mickey's house

We didn't get hats but we got a picture!

Watching a show outside the castle

Nate loves Mickey and Minnie together!

The Fine Family's first trip to Disney!

Nate figuring out where we find Mickey!

Daddy and Nate on the magic carpet ride!

Mommy and Nick on the magic carpets too!

Nate finally meeting Mickey!!

The boys and the mouses!

Ok, there is a story here. Nate had asked to meet Mickey all day, and we kept telling him "Soon, Nate soon!" We finally waited in the line to meet him and after we met him, Matt and Nick were in the room gathering our belongings while I took Nate out to the stroller. When I went to put Nate in the stroller, he tugged on my shirt and signed the sign for "thank you" and proceeded to grab my face and kiss me over and over. Matt came out and I was hugging Nate and crying. It was a moment I will never forget as long as I live. Nate is truly an amazing little guy (just like his brother).

Nate made Mommy cry!

Cheesing while we waited for Nick and Daddy riding Thunder Mountain
(Yes, Nick rode Thunder Mountain!)

The castle at night. What a great day!