Monday, July 27, 2009

July 2009

Here are lots of pictures that I have not posted from this month, so I am calling this post "July 2009." I have a feeling that I might be doing more of these "monthly posts" as there is just not enough time in a day anymore.

When just typing "July 2009," I remembered back to last July and August which were the worst months I have ever experienced as I was 8 months pregnant with Nate in Virginia heat trying to keep up with my Nicholas. This July has been much more fun. Nate is on the go and driving me crazy, but in one month, "my little" (as I call him these days) will be one year old. Some people say "Where did the time go?" but I have truly felt this year-- Nate didn't take a long nap or sleep through the night until he was 6 months old, and right when relief hit, we got the grand news that we had to move. From then on, I was chasing Nate while keeping a clean house and preparing for a move that involved us being 3 weeks homeless. We moved and now we live in a new town. Nate's first year has been "felt" but I hope the only thing Nate felt was love...

I hope you felt our love my little!

Nate loves balloons.

Nick loves any ride, any place, any time!

Nate's new bad boy toy- the recycling and garbage containers!

Nick loves Gaga.

Nate loves reading with Gaga.

Nate stars in "Children of the Corn."

Nick and Daddy working hard to pick Jersey sweet corn!

Picked some peaches too!

Mommy and Nate on the hayride.

This wonderful farm is 10 minutes from our house!

Nate running all over!

Nick dancing his best at Vacation Bible School!

Nick's favorite VBS song- "He Lifts Me Up!"

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Random Pics

Nothing much to report here at the Fine house. For an update, Nate is getting very mobile and will be running by his first birthday in a month. Forget walking- he has that down to a tee. But only two bottom teeth and no others to be found. He has also started throwing random things in the garbage can and it is driving me crazy.

Nick is doing well and enjoying the new area. The library is his favorite place, along with Wegmans (a supermarket) because they have car shopping carts. He also has become friends with one of the sample people at Costco. He is an older man who samples seafood spreads and yells things like "You don't have to be a crab to like crab" and "You don't have to be a mobster to like lobster." Nicholas goes crazy when he hears him in the store, and Mr. Bob always has a plain cracker waiting for Nick. Nick colored him a picture this week and Bob has put it on display at the store. It is quite adorable.

Will post pics soon. Maybe some of our new house so we will have some visitors? Love you all!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Can You Tell Me How to Get?...

Hi there boys and girls! Sesame Place is only a half hour from our new house! We took a timeout from unpacking on Wednesday and took the boys to see their favorite friends. And Nick was thrilled to ride all the rides.

Nick ready for some sun and fun!

Nate's ready to go too! Elmo here I come!

Ready to ride the big roller coaster!

The boys on the big fire engine.

Nate on the carousel.

Nick on the carousel.

Up we go!

Flying Elmos!

I don't know what Nick loves about Zoey, but she has become Nick's favorite. His emotion getting ready to see her was fantastic.

Oh Zoey, I love you!

Zoey with her best pal!

Having a talk with Zoey!

Nick and the Count.


Nick meets Ernie and Bert!

Nate napped like a champ while Nick met everyone!

Super Grover and the fam!

Off to ride the roller coaster for the 6th time!

Nick and Nate.

I thought this was cool.
Nathaniel and Nicholas were right next to each other!

We had a blast! Come and visit soon!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Melts My Heart

We have been slowly getting unpacked and settled into our new home... we have been doing really well. Nate of course has taken off walking and understanding everything we say to him. Here are some pictures and videos that melt my heart of my two boys together. It is like this all the time- Nick is always protecting and loving Nate . We are so lucky to have the two of them.

Nate's new ride! He loves it!

My boys on the 4th at the Farmers Market not 5 minutes from our house!

Mommy's Pride and Joy!

Daddy's My Hero!

Daddy and Nick on Aunt Francesca's lake!

It is like this every night. So darn cute!

We live on a hill and this has become the new pasttime in the evenings.

Nate gives hugs now!

Nick loves to walk Nate all over the house. It is adorable.