Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend

On November 22, the day after we saw Thomas, Nick turned 5 1/2. My kids love their birthdays, and who doesn't? So I thought we would have a "halfway" celebration with a "half cake." It was a huge hit. Nick's 5 1/2 half cake!
We just used one candle :)

Loving this little celebration :)

We had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend. We made Thanksgiving dinner for just the four of us for the first time in 5 years. Matt did the turkey and I did all the sides. We kept it simple and it was so nice to have leftovers. We put up our tree and decorated the house for Christmas. We love this time of year- we have 5 different Advent calendars (don't ask- we have all different types!) and an Advent wreath. We are ready to countdown to Christmas!

SNOW! It made the morning so perfect, and it didn't stick :)
Just enough to give the boys some excitement!

Decorating our Thanksgiving placemats!

Nick all smiles

After the table is set.
Notice our "thankful" tree.
All the leaves have something written on them.

Nick and his turkey leg, Nate and his cornbread!

Nick learned how to set up the tree from Daddy!

Nick's piano ornament. He was so very proud to receive it!

Nate hanging his ornaments.
I don't want these baby cheeks to go away!

Loving his Elmo stocking!

Umm? That bat is supposed to stay in the basement!

Happy Advent everyone!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thomas the Train

I am catching up on posting before all you see are pictures of our adorable niece Sophia! We get to see her next week!

We went to meet Thomas the Train last weekend in Strasburg, PA. The boys had a lovely time getting to meet Thomas and ride a real train!

A perfect pose with Thomas!

All the waiting is done with a blue lollipop!

Waiting for Thomas.

Seeing Thomas from a distance!

Here he is!


Nate with Mr. Conductor!

Nick riding the platform!

The next two videos are so cute. Nate is talking so much and I love hearing him. Since we were in Amish country, we pulled over at a farm for the boys to see the animals.... The second video is Nate waiting for Thomas to arrive. He is so so cute!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Holiday Silliness

Will post more later, but until then

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Little Moments

The statement is always posed--- "I just want you to be happy." Life is not always perfect, but in little moments like these, my days are so sweet.... when I add all these moments up, I am the happiest girl.