Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Days....

Halloween just isn't trick or treating anymore!!! There are lots of events and Nicholas loves every minute....

The first began with the MOMS Club Trunk or Treat on Tuesday night. Those pics are in a previous post. On Friday, Nick's school had a Halloween parade....

Nick enters the parade.

Parading around the tree.

Resurrection Catholic School PreK4

Nate fell asleep and his proud penguin brother is adoring him anyway.

Nick and Mrs. Dougherty (Nate too!)

The proudest penguin waddle you have ever seen!

Nick poses with his school creations: a fall wreath, a fall tree, and a spider web.

Pumpkin carving took place Friday night. My boys are in action getting their pumpkins ready!

Nick will not touch the inside with his hands!

The Finest boys.

Even Nate gets in the action.

It is Halloween night and both penguins are ready. So is the wagon decorated by Mommy and Daddy...

Look at our penguins in the snow!

Nick looks exactly like Aunt Annie here. Seriously, we need to post preschool pictures of Annie. It is uncanny how much he looks like her (and I guess me too!)

Nate holding on for the ride!

The first doorbell is about to be rung.

"Look Nate!" Nick got candy for both of them and always included his baby penguin Nate.

How cute is this penguin?

Two penguins trick or treating the night away.

Daddy pulling along!

Waiting patiently...

Nate had a Hershey candy... why not, he deserves it!

This pumpkin guy was Nate's size and he loved him.

We are done. Nick is sweating to death. It was over 75 degrees out. Ridiculous!

Both boys after a night's hard work.

Nick and the loot!

Happy Halloween!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

The Sweetest Two Boys....

Nick is reading to Nate while I put away laundry, except I don't get it put away because I had to take video of how cute the two of them were....

Thursday, October 29, 2009

My dear baby is already talking and imitating words. Nick was almost 2 1/2 when he finally spoke (because of ear infections) and with the help of speech therapy. Here is my 14 month old already saying his first words. AMAZING! Thank goodness we put tubes in this guy's ears at 7 months!! Ignore my voice, listen to his!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Preview

I would normally make you wait to see our two penguins, but I couldn't resist posting these. We had our MOMS Club Trunk or Treat last night. It was too cute seeing all the little kids dressed up and loving it! Here are our trunk or treaters. They are too adorable! Hope you are having a fun Halloween week like we are!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Almost Halloween...

Why is there Christmas stuff already out at the stores overtaking all the Fall decorations? Don't they know we have Halloween, Fall, and Thanksgiving decorations to utitlize? Why are they rushing me???

Anyhoo, here are some pics of my boys...

Nate climbs everything. Here he is caught in the act....

Two sweet boys after their naps.

Nick's perfect week.
He is pointing to his chore chart with all the basics--
"Stop whining, listen the very 1st time, clear your space at the table, clean up your toys...."
He was very proud of himself (and so were we!)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Fall!

Our camera is broken. We have to buy a new one because it costs $100 just to service it. UGH!

We may be new in town but we have decorated our townhouse with a wreath, pumpkins, and mums (and a cute little baby!) These pictures are the last ones taken with our camera-- HAPPY FALL!!

Enjoying a snack after pictures :)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Pickin out a Punkin

We went with the MOMS Club on Wednesday night to a cute little farm for a hayride, pumpkin pick, and corn maze. The kids had a great time and it was so cute to see little Nate running all around pointing and grunting at all the pumpkins. Nick helped his little brother when he needed it. Such cute little boys!

Mommy and Nate on the hayride.

Corn! Lots of corn!

Nick picks his pumpkin.

Nate trying really hard to pick his pumpkin too!

Nick finally handed it to him.

Our pumpkin picks.

Nate chillin'.

Too much fun!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Jersey Family....

So we are officially a Jersey family. We spent the weekend at my cousin's and went to see Bruce close down Giants Stadium Saturday night. It was an amazing concert, and Matt and I had so much fun singing along with the rest of the crowd to all his classics.

Here are some pictures from the weekend. Thanks to Aunt Cathy and Uncle Mark for a great weekend and to Fran, Uncle John, and Aunt Addy for spending Sunday with us!

Another farm to go look at pumpkins!

And Elmo was here too (Chris-- he was in two places!!)

On Sunday, we went into Hoboken. For those of you who watch "Cake Boss" on TLC, this is the bakery. I have been here before and it is still as good as ever!

Nate is asleep in his stroller, but this picture takes me back to when we visited when Nick was 6 months old! Check it out-- he is now 4!

We came back from Hoboken and had some time to go play at the park right near Cathy and Mark's house....

My three boys... all in different gear!

He must be the cutest Giants fan going. I am about to send this into for Fan of the Week! Maybe he can follow in Nick's footsteps!