Sunday, July 22, 2012

Summer in New England

We have been taking in all that Rhode Island has to offer along with a house on the beach. Here are some pictures from the things we have been seeing and doing around our area.

We visited The Breakers.  It is a mansion once owned by the Vanderbilt family.  We loved the tour.  The kids wore headphones and listened to the "family" tour and were so very interested.  It was a great mansion to start with!

The backyard of the Estate.

Postcard photo with Daddy

Now with Mommy!

We attended the Newport Kite Festival.  We have never seen so many kites all in one place.  Nate's hat matches the octopus kite in the sky!

Ready for fun!

Nick participated in a kite race!

We went to the Officers Club on base for dinner with Gaga and Papa Fine.  It was lobster night.  I got this great shot of the boys.

Mommy and Daddy
Mom and Matt

The Fine Family

Nick and I read the first Harry Potter book.  We celebrated by watching the movie.  We made magic wands and ate Bertie Botts Jelly Beans.  There were some good flavors but there was also dirt, soap, and vomit!  UGH!

All ready for the movie!

Nate has expanded his tastes here in RI.  He even eats a few bites of cheeseburger now!

There is a big seafood market in Newport.  These lobsters were incredible!

Look at these claws!

Almost as big as daddy!

They were monsters!

Nick could not get enough of these big guys!

The boys having a blast in Newport!

So, Newport was one of the first places in America with a Polo team.  We went to the races against Argentina.  Here are the kids stomping the divets.  It was fun to see.  I plan on going when Newport plays Italy.

Having too much fun!

Daddy is the only one dressed for the match.  I will have a big hat next time.  And the kids will wear polo shirts and we will be set!  :)

Boys loved the scoreboard!  Come and visit!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Rhode Islanders

Well, we have been in Rhode Island since July 2. The move went very smoothly and we really were lucky that we were unpacked within a week.  We have a beautiful house right on the beach and we are so lucky that Daddy is home with us all month of July before school starts in August. The boys have been quite the explorers on the beach- crab finding, shell finding, snail finding, rock finding, you name it.  They really are enjoying it.  We are trying to enjoy everyday this summer because we know it will someday be too freezing to go out and enjoy the beach behind our house.

Vito's movers and "Sarge"
Boys smashing the paper down in the big boxes!!
The view from our deck.

The boys first time on the deck.

I love the hydrangeas and front door!

Boys exploring the beach the very first day.
Nick and his crab findings.

The full moon off of our deck.

My little cutie.

The first kayak voyage.

Nick is ready!

Off they go!
Now with Nate!

Happy Fourth of July.  We celebrated by going to Wal-Mart to get things for the house and watching fireworks from our deck.

Nick had an idea- instead of a lemonade stand, he wanted to open a shell shop.  This is his sign.

First big catch off our backyard.

Daddy teaching the boys about the fish.

Our first Awful Awful milkshake from the Newport Creamery.  Delicious!

Nate loved the ice cream too.

Only tub in the house is our jacuzzi.  Bath time just got more fun but the boys have luckily been taking a lot of showers!

Santa beards!!

First root beer floats.

Nick is getting his own r