Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

The boys are officially ready to start 2010 off with a bang. Happy New Year friends and family. This family wishes you the happiest and healthiest new year. Toast to the new decade! Ten years ago tonight I met my husband and fell in love. The rest is now the Finest Family! Love you all....

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 2009!

Christmas was again a very special time in the Fine household. All the grandparents were here to celebrate with us, and having two little ones make it so very exciting for all of us.

Christmas Eve began with Nick setting the table!

The Finest boys off to mass to celebrate Jesus's birthday!

The Fine Family 2009

Nate at Christmas Eve dinner.

Ending the night with a chocolate chip cookie.
We can't just leave them all for Santa, right?

Done! Time for bed.

First let's get the plates ready for Santa and the reindeer!

Nick ready for Christmas morning! All the treats are out!

Pajama picture!

Christmas morning began at a very respectable time of 6:31 AM. Nick said he saw the tree packed with presents from upstairs and he was ready! Nate was still asleep, so we let Nick start!

"Santa ate all the cookies and the milk! The reindeer ate their carrots!"

Opening a gift from Santa. The clean-up clock is here!

Thomas the Train set "with numbers."

Nate finally wakes up and Nick goes to get him up!

Nick helping Nate unwrap his presents.

Nate opening his stocking presents.

Nate's new favorite toy-- his broom. Mommy gets hers back!

Nate playing on our new drum!

Fine Family Christmas morning
(Notice the difference between yesterday's picture?)

We all got our snow clothes on and went outside to enjoy the last day before it all melted!
Nate is now obsessed with Mickey Mouse, and our blowup was buried under the snow. Mommy and Daddy dug him out as a Christmas present for Nate, but he was not completely happy without Santa and Frosty. See below.


Daddy and Nick built a snowman, and our wonderful neighbor came over with a snowman kit to make him complete.

Nick and Nate enjoying their Mickey chairs.


We went to our aquarium on Dec. 27th and enjoyed some time together. We partied with the Rudolph characters....

Nick and the Abominable Snowman

What a great Christmas!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

First Snow in NJ

You have obviously heard about our snowstorm this weekend. Matt and I have not seen snow like this in years, and Nick and Nate enjoyed their very first true time in the snow. Thanks New Jersey! You rock!

Nick woke Nate and they ran to our room to see the snow!

French toast and snow for breakfast!

"Chillin' with Dad" shirts on! Almost ready to play- only 5 more layers to go!

"How do you expect me to move in this?"

Nate's take on this snowsuit is written all over his face!

"Look Natey. Snow!"



Daddy and Nate rolling around in the snow. I love this picture!

"He'll see it later honey. His eyes are frozen."
(Quote taken from our favorite Christmas movie- National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation)

We are snowed in the next morning!

Not going anywhere!

Nicholas in heaven!

Snow fort!

Nick's First Snowman (and Mommy's in about 25 years!)

16 Stern Light Drive


Off I go!

Poor Daddy!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy December #2

First off, this is how I watch Giants games lately...

Are these two too cute for words?

Nick proudly showing his art from school with his brother!

Breakfast with Santa was at school this Saturday. Nick had a great time sharing in the excitement with his brother and friends....

Nicholas showing Santa his sticker chart from school! He got all 5 stickers on Friday! Yahoo!

This is Nate's one and only shot with Santa. I will not force him!


Mommy and Nate.

Mommy and her boys. Thanks Daddy!

Nick taking Nate to see Rudolph.

I also had the privilege to go to my cousin's baby shower this weekend and see baby John again. He is so darn sweet. Here he is...

I came home that night and Nick was ready to make cookies. Here we are! Merry Christmas!