Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Rest of our OC Vacation

The rest of our vacation was lovely and we had such a good time being together. The boys will always remember these times down the shore.

Nate with his new bucket...

Nate's fort of sandcastles.

Mommy and Daddy relaxing on the deck.

Daddy and Nick on the ferris wheel.

Boys on their hogs.

Nate in his police chopper.

Nick in his fire rescue chopper.

Boys on the slides.

Gaga and Nate matched so lovely one day we had to take a picture.

Matt picking up this motley crew on the boardwalk.

The boys loved sharing a room.
Note: Nick did not sleep in his airbed with Nate!!

But we always caught them laughing when they were supposed to be going to sleep.

This is Nick's list of quiet ways to keep Nate entertained in the morning. They were waking up so early and it didn't seem like vacation, so we enlisted Nick to babysit. 1- 7 Morning wakeup 2- Color 3- Games 4- Blocks 5- Bumper Cars (a game) 6- Tag (a read along book)

Nick driving Gaga

The Fine Family on the beach

Nick in his new sunhat collecting shells

Nate's new hat is so darn cute!!

Premiering July 11 on the Food Network- Crazy Susan's cookies. We met the owner and the family who will be on the show. We might even be on so check it out. We were fresh off the beach so let's hope for the best :)

Boys playing skeeball.

Very serious card games happened everyday. Rummy was learned.
Uno was played. Watch out Vegas.

Mommy and Daddy on the boardwalk.

Gaga and her boys.

Gaga and Papa with the boys.

Nick on the cars.

Dumbo ride!

Nick writing in their new keepsake ABC's of Ocean City book.

Having their caricature done for the book.
So cool!

The boys at their favorite place!!

Fine Family Vacation!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Days Three and Four

More pictures from Ocean City. There are always so many to post.

Here are some more from the beach on Monday. The kids just loved it....

Nate was very excited to make the height requirement for the bumper cars that night! I will post video of him driving soon. He did quite well.

After Nicholas's graduation on Tuesday, we stopped in Atlantic City on the way back. Nate had a red lollipop. Hence the following pictures.

Daddy and Nate

Now the lollipop has turned Nate into The Joker from Batman.

The Joker and his brother at Caesar's Shops

Even Nick looks scared of Nate here!

All Nick wanted was these swords for the two of them from Rainforest Cafe.

Little did we know what to do with The Joker when we got him a sword.

Watch out Atlantic City!

Taking Gaga as prisoner.

King Nate conquers the boardwalk.

He never put the thing down!

Nick and his graduation cards and money

Of course we hit the rides that night.
Nate on the boats.
He is back to normal here.

Too much fun!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vacation Day Two....

The kids loved the beach this year. They went right on in and loved the water and the sand. It was great!

Every night we hit the boardwalk and the kids have even more fun!

In front of our house

Log ride- Nick is in charge :)

Gaga and Nate

Gaga and Nate

Nate on the other side of a police vehicle :)

Nick likes the red ones!
Nick on the bumper cars

Nate and the Taffy Man

More to come...