Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone. We are finally down to Halloween night where we can celebrate traditionally by going house to house. We have had so many Halloween events that I am not sure Nicholas understands that tonight is the big night. Yesterday, the MOMS Club hosted a "Trunk or Treat" where all the moms decorated their trunks and the kids went from car to car trick or treating. It was so darn cute. I didn't go all out on decorating my trunk, but we did give "crayons" away instead of candy. I was creative in that way. Nicholas had a ton of fun. He also had his party at school yesterday. It has been quite the festive week. Now we can move on to Thanksgiving (or Christmas since the stores don't let us forget that it is almost here!!)

Nicholas outside our car handing out crayons!

Nicholas going from car to car.

Nicholas outside his classroom!

Nate all bundled up for the big parade at school. (It was freezing here yesterday!)

Nick and Nate before school!

I can't stand that cheesy grin- how cute is Nick?

The boys today in their Halloween outfits!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

How much do you want to kiss these cheeks??

Carving tool ready to go Daddy!

Mommy writes the letters on the pumpkin-
"N & N"
Wonder whose initials those are?

My very own pumpkin "N." No one could be more thrilled than Nicholas!

Daddy carving with a pumpkin ale.

The finished product.

The boys and their pumpkin!

Our Halloween pumpkin!

Thanks for the cool light up shirt Aunt Addy!

Our two pumpkins!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Random Pics!

Damn, caught in the act." Daddy taught me well!

Nate's first Halloween!

Page and Nicholas at the museum Halloween night!
Every year, ISC Portsmouth has the cutest Halloween Carnival for all the kids in the Coast Guard. Nicholas had a true blast this year. He played all the games and even went in the "money machine." Enjoy the pics and video.

Ok, I am ready!

Thanks ISC Portsmouth!

Crayon and the Bee

Nicholas had to be a crayon this year and Mommy had to make the costume. Thank goodness Nate doesn't have an opinion yet, so he inherited a bee costume from the MOMS Club. So here they are-- "The Blue Crayon and the Bee"-- sounds like a children's book, huh? I think I'll write it in all my free time lately :)

Pumpkin Patch

Nicholas's preschool class went to the local pumpkin patch on Thursday. Off went Nate to Miss Donna's (a good friend-- thank you Donna!!) for his first babysitting date. Mommy and Nick were off to the patch. What a morning. It was very cold and windy but we managed to pick our pumpkin and have lots of fun together!

So tall!

Mommy and Nick ride the hayride!

"Pick a pick a pumpkin round and round..."Silly class photo!

Snack prayer-- my favorite is the end "Dig in, enjoy your snack!"

Nicholas caught in the "snack."

As if they haven't eaten in hours!

To the top of "Mulch Mountain."

In the clouds.

Down the slides!

The very big pumpkins!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Just another week...

Just another week of not sleeping and trying to keep up. Matt and I are both pretty exhausted and are praying that Nate starts to sleep through the night really soon. He is the happiest of babies, so we are so blessed to have him. He really has good head control for a baby who is yet to be 2 months old... And, as if I didn't have enough going on with a newborn, Nicholas was pretty difficult to please this year for Halloween. He is going to be a blue crayon, handmade and all by Mommy. Keep watch for the pictures!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's Great to be in Suffolk

Every year, we visit the Suffolk Peanut Festival. We posted last year about the big event and went back to view the pictures to see how much Nicholas has grown.(
Last year, Nate wasn't even planted yet! Anyway, we love Suffolk-- home of Planters Peanuts!

This year's festival was so fun, even with a 7 week old baby. First of all, Baby Nate is so easy going. Sleeps when he can and is never fussy about being out and about. He doesn't sleep too well in the carseat, because as soon as we stop moving, he is awake. But he never cries! As for Nicholas, he was old enough this year to see parts of the Demolition Derby with Daddy (yes my friends, we live in farm country!) and ride the rides. He loved seeing everything lit up and being up so late. He is our little buddy.

Nicholas wanted to play some of the games too. Well Daddy promised that this game was impossible to win but Nicholas pulled it off. Here is what he won:

So we come home, I clean a balloon vase and put "Fish E." in the bowl. We feed him, Nick sings him a lullaby and goes to bed. I come downstairs and am cleaning the baby bottles, look up, and "Fish E." is already at the bottom. So, we prayed Nicholas forgot about him this morning. But no, the first thing he wanted to see was his fish. We explained that his "Mommy called him home." Thank goodness he was ok with that. We offered to go buy another one today and we will see if he calls us on it.

As for other news, Nate has been smiling for weeks but I am never tired of taking pictures of him doing so. Here he is:

Nicholas has been into playing football lately and he loves wearing numbers so I just had to get him a jersey. Now, I am not playing "unfair" to Mathew and his Seahawks. However, I can get a Giants jersey on Ebay for $25 but not a Seahawks one. I can't control the popularity of the league's best team, can I? I promise Daddy, I am still searching for one that doesn't cost the regular price of $45. So if anyone sees one out there that is a good deal, email me! I got Nicholas a 5T! Fits him perfectly, don't you think?