Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's- A Week Late!

So I am only a week late in posting our St. Patrick's Day festivities. Better late than never. I have a video but it is very long and I am having a difficult time uploading. Will keep trying because it is so funny!

The leprechauns came. The house was a mess. Boys had fun. Mommy was tired. See pictures below :)

Nicholas left the leprechauns lots of drawings and notes taped to the wall by his trap. His notes say "Please bring me a pot of gold or anything else." It was hysterical!

They made a mess with all the green toys!

They wrote on Mommy's windows!

No leprechauns but they left gold glitter and two pots o' gold!

When we picked Nick up from school, the kindergarten kids were all outside looking for leprechauns. They were all wearing their leprechaun hats with their names on it-"Nick O'Fine"
It was adorable!

Monday, March 14, 2011


Watch Out for Leprechauns!!

Nick came home from school on Friday all excited because his teacher told him to create a leprechaun trap. That was all he wanted to do for the entire day. We had dinner with friends that night and his friend also created her leprechaun trap. It has all the kindergarten kids in a tizzy, and it is so hysterical to watch them run to the trap to check. We have been having leprechauns come and trick us lately so watch out!! This video is so funny! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Philly Zoo

We joined the Philly Zoo on Saturday. It was a beautiful day and we really enjoyed getting to see all the animals. Since Nate hasn't gone to the zoo since we left Virginia, it was fun to see his reaction and responses to all the animals. I will post videos later. Here are some pictures.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Where did February Go?

As you can see from my posts, we certainly have been busy. February was a crazy month and we were plagued with terrible illnesses. Most of our special days at school wound up being spent at home but we had fun anyway.... here is our month in pictures.

The one night we did go out was a family bowling night.
We had a blast.

Nick bowling "for real" without the ramp.

The boys bowling together!

Too cute!

As I posted last year, most of Valentine's Day revolves around food.
Here are my heart shaped meatballs ready to go in the gravy.

Nate with some V-day cookies.

V-day breakfast... it needed to be special because
Nick had strep throat and was home from school.

Dressed in our shirts even though we were at home!

Fingerpainting a heart tree

Freestyle art :)

A trail of kisses to a Valentine's Day surprise.

We picked up Nick's valentine's from school the following day.
He had so much fun looking through them.

We also missed the 100th day of school.
We sent in 100 candy hearts.

WE ARE SO GLAD MARCH IS HERE! Here's to it being healthy and happy!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Nick to Nate- Happy Valentine's Day

Nick gave Nate a special present on Valentine's Day- a Mickey card that plays the theme song. It was so sweet when Nick gave it to him.... here is a video


As you can see from the videos, Nick has learned a ton about the basics of basketball this winter. I can't believe how much these 5 and 6 year olds can do! THANKS COACH DADDY AND COACH MARK! Here are the final pictures from today's trophy day!

Basket Challenge

Awesome Dribbler

Nick during his dribbling relay race!

Nick's Big Basketball Day!

Nick had a big day today getting his first trophy for basketball. I am posting separate videos of him in different skills challenges before he got his trophy. Matt was the head coach. It has been a great season!