Monday, August 30, 2010

The Farm with Friends

Nick has been in Oregon for the past week with his daddy visiting Papa and Gaga and the whole family. They are having a great time.

Nate and I have been having fun here at home just the two of us. We have our new train table to keep us busy, but we miss Daddy and Nick and are ready for them to come home.

We went to the farm last Friday to enjoy the beautiful weather and picked apples, corn, and peaches. We had a great time with our friends. Enjoy the cute pictures.

On the hayride ready to pick.
Emma is looking at Nate like he is crazy!

Picking our first apples of the season. Gala!

Nate and his apple.

Nate carried the whole bag "all by meself Mommy."

Happy with their bag of apples, now on to corn!

It is not as easy as it looks people!

Dragging the bag of corn back to the ride.

Best buds (does Nate not look like a true little boy here with Joe??!!)
Picking a peach (that he won't eat!)

6 lbs of peaches carried by this little man.

Friday, August 27, 2010

End of Summer

I have been behind in my posts so I am going to try and catch up some of the fun we have been having at the end of this summer.

First, Nick went to another race in the Poconos with his daddy. He is becoming quite the fan.

Another coastie was getting rid of his ride on fire truck, so the boys were happy to take it off his hands :)

Finally, Nate and Matt had a lovely birthday celebration at Aunt Francesca's. Everyone came and I am terrible at stopping to take pictures with everyone except the kids. So here are the cousins playing...

John is happy happy.

This is his cute new wave. Notice the shirt. It was Nick and Nate's!
All three boys playing cars.

Will post again soon. Hope everyone is ready for fall!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sophia's First Smiles

Here are a couple of pictures of little Sophia and her first smiles, laughs, and pouts. I love these faces but I am missing them all. I love you Sophia. I can't wait to see you again.

This one cracks me up. She can't figure out what the hell is going on!!

Still can't figure it out but thank God for the purple paci.

Oh, the warm water, finally!

All happy!

This is completely Annie. All Annie. Look at that face!

What a darling little baby. And those cheeks!

Sophia content. So sweet.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nate's Birthday in Photos

Nate's birthday began with balloons in his room.

Opening his gifts with Nick.

A new Little People Airport. A big hit!

Starting off the day with a birthday Mickey waffle. And why not a candle too?

Ready, set, blow!

Ready for a party!

I AM 2!

Nate's friends eating (minus his buddy Joe, he was busy playing!!)

A cake- say cheers!

Mickey cookies courtesy of Miss Michelle. Yum!

It amazes me that Nate knows how to blow out candles so well already!

After our friends left, we opened our presents. They gave him some trains, but little did Nate know, he would get to use them on a much bigger track the next morning!

Daddy worked hard getting it ready (Mommy decorated with balloons!!)

Boys having a blast playing!

Opening more trains from Gaga and Aunt Annie and Uncle Rob.

Look at Nick standing by but only if Nate needed a helping hand.
This takes major restraint!

Playing nicely together
(don't let this fool you, I did not capture the fighting over trains!!)

Saying "cheese" with James.

Hmm, am I three yet?

Nate's 2nd Birthday

We started Nate's birthday celebrations last weekend with the Maresca's up at Aunt Francesca's, but Mommy had been too busy planning for his party this Saturday to post the pics. I promise to have those up soon.

Nate woke up yesterday to his room filled with balloons. We heard him from our bedroom screaming "Ba-woons. Ba-woons floor." It was so cute. I went in and captured the moment, but as you can see from the video below, our two-year old will be the class clown in a few years!

Nate was given two presents to tide him over to his real present the next morning, but his favorite present was his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse card that we gave him.... I love how Nicholas is so patient with Nate not wanting to read it, even more patient than Mommy!

Once Nick woke up, the boys had fun playing "Balloon Drop." You will see what this game entails in the video!

I will post some pictures of yesterday's festivities later tonight. Enjoy the videos until then.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

To My Dear Sweet Nate, My Little

My baby is going to be two. They say this is when a baby is no longer a baby and they are an official toddler. This means I am officially done with babyhood. Really?

Luckily, I call Nate "My Little." I don't know that he will ever be "big" to me. He will always be that sweet yet mischievious little boy who stole my heart from day one. He came out smiling and will always be smiling to me. He is really two going on three, speaking in two to four word sentences already and jumping off a couch to land on his own two feet. He is an amazing little boy.

I love you my little Natey. You are Mommy's heart. Happy 2nd birthday Little.

Here is a tribute to Nate... one year to two....