Sunday, April 26, 2009

Natey "The Cheeks" Fine

So, my friend Trish dropped off a hat for Nate the other day. He looks like one of those kids from the 1950's that had a nickname and played stickball. We called him Natey "The Cheeks" Fine all day long. It was so damn cute!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Heart Melts...

The Scene: Nate in bathtub. Matt lowering Nate's crib in room. Mommy drying Nick off outside of bathtub.

Nick: I really liked the birthday cake today Mommy. It was so good.
Mommy: Good Nick. I am glad you thought it was yummy. We will order your birthday cake cause Mommy just doesn't make good birthday cakes like Miss Sara does.
Nick: But Mommy, you do other things good. Like making cupcakes. I love everything you do Mommy.

End of scene: Mommy crying. Nick hugging Mommy telling her it is ok. Matt comes running from Nate's room to assist.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nate's Tidbits at Eight Months....

Nate started picking cereal up....

Nate gives kisses now!

And he is driving me crazy getting all over the place!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

I always feel compelled to celebrate every day that is on the calendar. Maybe that will change as life gets busier (not sure how it can get busier with our move being a little more than six weeks away!)

Today is Earth Day. We celebrated by making Earth crayons with our scrap crayons. We also went for a bike ride and picked up trash, but we realized our neighborhood is really clean because we only found two pieces!

I also found Nicholas asleep for the first time in his chair during naptime. This never happens. He rarely naps anymore, but I went in to tell him that Nate was going to be crying it out (that baby is not a sleeper either) and here is how I found him:

We will post some videos of crazy little Nate soon. Let's just put it plain and simple- he is a troublemaker. Today I walked from my room to the laundry room, and in that time, he took off a doorstop and had the plastic end piece in his mouth. I am about ready to register for infant CPR.

Happy Earth Day!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

White House... Here Come the Fines

Mathew was put in charge of distribution of tickets for the Coast Guard personnel in Hampton Roads for the White House Easter Egg Roll. The benefit of him taking this job was that we got to attend too. So, in the midst of trying to rent our house (which is DONE by the way!!), off we went to D.C. for 36 hours.

The pictures came out great, and I am thankful for that as I am not sure when we will get to step foot on the White House Lawn so close to the Oval Office ever again. It was an overwhelming experience.

Oh, and did we see the Big Man himself? Why yes, but only through the window to the Oval Office did we see him do that famous swagger away from his desk. AMAZING!

All dressed up and ready to go!

Almost to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!

Nick, Daddy, and why not the Capitol Police?

We made it and waited in many lines to get in.

The White House Easter Bunny

So while we were waiting for them to open the gates to the lawn, there was a stage and a DJ playing music for the kids. Nicholas wanted to go right up and dance. It was hysterical. Nate of course slept in the stroller through it all.

Nick busting a move.

Look at this 70's kid!

Nick's dance video.

Ok, I'm up- Let's get those gates open!

So Julie let me borrow the cutest Jon Jon for Nate to wear, but I was worried it was way too cold. It warmed up nicely so Nate got changed on the White House lawn...

Hello ladies, who wants me?

Dressed and ready for his peeps.

Nick wanted to sit on every large decorative egg they had.


Finally, here we are!

I think we would make a FINE FIRST FAMILY!

Nick is so proud of himself, and so am I-- he said cheese and posed without a fight all day long!

Nate apparently had enough of posing for photos!

Take one! Nate is so heavy he knocked Nick right over!

Take two.
The Finest boys at the White House.

The entertainment was Ziggy Marley. Pretty darn cool!

It was over so fast!

Rush hour on the metro.

We are still smiling after a very long and happy day!

A video of the actual "roll" part!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

First off, a video that is too funny not to share!

We colored eggs last night. Nicholas had a ton of fun.

Getting ready to start!

Nick dying eggs all by himself this year!

Nate watching the fun!

A yellow one Mommy!

All finished!

Nate doesn't stay still for long!

Aunt Cathy and Uncle Mark sent the kids some presents for Easter! Thank you!

Nick loves his drawing pad.

Nate loves his little Cars books!

And finally, Nate can do one handed pushups!

Happy Easter everyone!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Happy Spring!

First off, Happy Warmer Weather. If you don't know yet, we got orders to move to Philly. Disgusts me. I have figured out the Coast Guard's conspiracy to move me to every rival team in the NFC East-- first the Redskins, now the Eagles, GOD HELP ME IF THEY SEND ME TO TEXAS! I will die. Needless to say, if you know anyone that needs a nice 3 bedroom house for rent, let us know!

Second, NATE IS CRAWLING. Great, huh? Right in time to pack and clean out! GOD HELP ME NUMBER TWO!

We have already had two Easter Egg Hunts, one with the MOMS Club and one at our nearby park. Today Nicholas met the Easter Bunny. He loved him again this year. He also told Nate "You better smile for him because he brings us EGGS with candy in them!" GOD HELP ME NUMBER THREE!

We spent lots of the time with our friends Page and Jackson Henry. We sure are going to miss them.

Finally, this one is for the Grandmas, and please realize that when you are a mom, you do and say anything to make your baby laugh, so ignore my crazy voice! He was cracking up and spitting carrots and rice everywhere!